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  • Well lech, never knew you got it in you ... or did I? *scary music like doo dee doo*
  • lechlech Chicagoland
    /me queue's up the creepy circus music.
  • edited October 2005
    /me ques the looney toons mucis
  • Heh, I dont feel I should apologize. And so far I havent. I was not in "the wrong". He still hasnt brought it up, and it seems as if he never read it, or realized that its just a blog rant.. He hasnt acted any different. So until he says something, neither will I. Maybe thats just the "macho" man bullshit way of things. But fuck it, it works doesnt it. LOL. I was thinking about making a post going over what happened briefly and making a small "sorry" in it to him, then making another post, and sending him a link to read that other post (cause I know hed see the "sorry" one too)...but I dunno.
  • If you did that, and he has half a brain, then he will know why you sent him the other link. But if that is the easiest way, then go for it.
  • krak, after reading your exploit, i agree you have done nothing wrong. her parents are simply playing power games with your honesty. i really hate when people make you do something because you are with their daughter and "it will be fun". it never is, but it boosts their ego because it was their great idea. the whole thing ends up being a no-win. you can't always refuse their invites, nor can you be untrue to yourself and fake enjoyment. the route you took is one of honesty, and you should continue to NEVER apologize for having a bad time. that said, you should not expect a personal talk since you went public in the first place. their going private is the easiest way to stick it to you, and they know it. since it is already published, i would never take it down or edit it. if you have to apologize in private over something this dumb, you may as well have it up for the public to potentially find it. pretty much the way to not give in in total.
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