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Notify poster of comment made in Community Forum

edited July 2009 in Vanilla 1.0 Help
Please consider installing an add-on into the Community Forums, such as Notify, so people can be notified when someone responds to their posts. Thank you


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    Does anyone know if such a function now exists? Is there a way for someone posting to get an email when someone replies to their post?
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    So far if someone does @NicoDaswani you will get a notification. And if someone replies to your thread i believe.
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    ToddTodd Chief Product Officer Vanilla Staff
    We don't have email notifications for much yet, but will probably go the way of having a generic email notification system for the activity stream.
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    The activity stream needs a rewrite though, the idea is good but the way it works is not the best. I would rather just to have the ability to write something on one person's stream of choosing for example, i gave the case to Mark by email about my friends plugin.

    I would like on John's stream to write You are now friends with Gary.
    and on Gary's You are now friends with John.

    Now if you do this with it set to private you can write on one of the people's boards fine. But due to the way it works out the terminology it if i then try to write on the other persons also as a private message it will Say something like You are now friends with You. Not an ideal situation. Being able to target one person's stream and just submit a message would be easier, the controller could even work out the plural, your, You, linked name etc.

    $Message = "You are now friends with ".Gdn::ProfileLink($UserID, "Singular"); AddActivity($TargetID, $Message);

    You could then have

    Gdn::YouLink($UserID); // <a href="profile/gary">You</a> Gdn::You($UserID); // You Gdn::ProfileLink($UserID, "Singular"); // <a href="profile/john">John</a> Gdn::ProfileLink($UserID, "Possessive"); // <a href="profile/john">John's</a> Gdn::ProfileName($UserID, "Singular"); // John Gdn::ProfileName($UserID, "Possessive"); // John's Gdn::WallLink($UserID); // <a href="profile/john">John's Wall</a>

    I mean there could be more and you may want to change the functioning to a class etc.
    The combining some would be easy

    $Message = Gdn::You($UserID)" added a comment to ".Gdn::WallLink($UserID); AddActivity($TargetID, $Message);

    I think this would be easier for people to implement this into their own plugin as well.
    Feel free to modify this into its own post admin, i do apologise if its off topic somewhat.

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    ToddTodd Chief Product Officer Vanilla Staff
    Great points @Immersion.

    I was thinking also of having a format for the stream that borrowed a page from facebook's markup language where you can have the string contain markup for all of your profilelink options above and they could then change depending who is looking at the activity.

    Here is the fbml documentation for a pronoun: .
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    Yeah that would be good, either solution would do really. The only difference is really where the processing would be done, either in the controller or before being displayed. Would this replace having the activity types? As having to add every predefined statement i your plugin doesn't seem very flexible. But yeah the facebook markup example is good. Anything to make it change more like that would be good.
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