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Whispers gone? Forever?

remoukremouk New
edited August 2009 in Vanilla 2.0 - 2.8
(Sorry if this topic has already been discussed, I searched for it but didn't find anything.)

I was disappointed when I saw that whispers were not in Vanilla 2. It was a clever and useful idea (less off-topic comments).

Will it be back as a core feature? Or as an addon? Or not?


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    Even if it doesn't make it as a core feature, im sure someone will make an addon for it. I think in some ways it should be left as an addon. Like conversations isn't part of vanilla, its just an addon application for it. Vanilla has always been light and should remain so. Especially with the new architecture its easier than ever to do whatever you want.
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    I agree with @Immersion. For the record, I love the new Conversation application. I think it's a much more efficient and familiar contact system. My users will love it.
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    @Immersion: So, let's wait & see... !

    @XBleed: I consider Conversation totally useless (it's like emails with limitations...). :)
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    @remouk conversations is far from totally useless, what about the users who don't share their email addresses. Its just the same as private messaging on any other forum apart from you can have multiple people involved. With a bit of work i think it could improve and even potentially send emails to the users.
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    I miss Whispers too, but it's ok Vanilla 1 is still supported, just use that instead :)
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    MarkMark Vanilla Staff
    The biggest problem with whispers is the querying. Not to get into the details of it, they killed Vanilla 1's speed. I'm sure someone will make them for v2, though.

    I don't know if you noticed, but all of the whispers from the old community forum have been imported into conversations. I was shocked at how many whispers I had missed from people over the years.

    And yes, I'm working on adding more emails to the system - they're on the roadmap :)
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    Thanks for the explanation, Mark.

    @Immersion: I understand your point of view, but I disagree. :)
    @SubJunk: I still use it!
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    How comes remouk? I personally find the thing useful like having a conversation with mark. Similar to facebook emails. I missed a lot of whispers that have now surfaced in my conversations section. I think being able to append a conversation as a whisper would be nice. So it could just record where the conversation is in the thread and link to it.
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    @Mark: If you use my extension for Vanilla 1 "Whisperfi" then it displays a notification when you have a new whisper. If I ever get around to working out the bugs in it I might look at integrating it into Vanilla 1, because I think it really makes the whispers system a lot better.
    I know what you mean about the querying though Mark, that's the one reason why there is a bug in Whisperfi, because I need to test what would be the fastest way to get all the whispers. The way the database is set up makes it hard to write an elegant query for it.
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