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clan website

edited August 2009 in Vanilla 2.0 - 2.8
hey guys, ive got a couple of issues with vanilla when it comes to making it work for a clan website.

firstly, with registration, it sounds as if a user is registering to be a member of the clan. applying to join etc. when it fact his simply joining to have the right to post and discuss in our forums public areas. i would like the registration to be exactly like on THIS forum :(

secondly, is there no WYSIWYG editors that work? the FCKeditor doesnt work, TinyMCE doesnt either. and i tried one other that didnt work.

dont get me wrong, i really like Vanilla. i love its simplicity. ive just got some problems with a few parts thats all. :) im going to write up some plugins later for my clan hopefully. see how that goes, huh :D


  • ToddTodd Chief Product Officer Vanilla Staff
    This forum uses Vanilla 2 which means any install of that can have our registration. You change it on the dashboard under registration settings. We use Captcha.

    A wysiwyg editor plugin is in the pipeline. We've contacted the original author about porting it to Vanilla 2.

    I'm not sure if I'm answering your questions right so let me know. I'd love to get some feedback on the types of things that clan forums want as they are an important part of the forum space. Thanks feedback. Feel free to throw more our way.
  • i just noticed a version 2 of vanilla, and got it all installed and working (mostly, hah). i can see what you mean.


    clans usually do not need an entire CMS. the blogging, news, etc sections general get ignored - the forum being the only place used. a clan website only REALLY needs 2 features (in addition to a forum ofcourse). a clan roster and something to manage matches with.

    neither of them need to be complex. they're really basic infact and the fact that there isnt any forum plugins out there for something like this still suprises me (there are alot of "does this plugin exist..?" or request threads, but no ones actually done anything o.0). phpnuke is the best "CMS" solution for clans, but its just so massive and bloated with useless junk.

    i am planning to create an application for clan management. im not the best at PHP - I know almost all the basics, i can make an entire website using codeigniter (complete with registration, posting etc etc) but using only basic techniques.. im going to study up some more, then start on something. wish me luck hey. might start on something really basic to get learning. any suggestions on what i could do?

  • WYSIWYG would be quite helpful
  • ToddTodd Chief Product Officer Vanilla Staff
    @prodiga Questions:

    1. What does a clan roster entail? Do you just pick which users are part of the clan and have a page to view them? Is there any additional information that goes along with this?

    2. What do you do to arrange matches? Do you arrange a date and have people agree to join in or something?
  • sorry for being so vague

    1. I was thinking that the roster would simply use user roles to figure out who needs to be added to the different rosters. different games would have separate rosters and some games may have more than one - for call of duty 4, matches here in australia are 5 vs 5. if you've got 10 members for call of duty 4, you may want to separate them into 2 groups. there should be a public page to view all this.

    2. your going to need to enter the opponents name, date of match, a list of maps being played, the game type. when the date of the match has passed, the admin would get some sort of a notification to go back and fill in additional fields: match report, own score, opponent score.

    matches that have not happened yet are listed as "upcoming matches", and matches passed are "Previous Matches". there would be a page that showed all of these matches, and you would be able to click on each to see further details (leave comments, sign up for matches, view results/match report if the match is over etc). There should be plugins to add a small summary of the latest upcoming and previous matches. the plugin would be something like this:

    our clan name vs their clan name
    link to full match page.

    and for previous matches:

    our clan name vs their clan name
    our score, their score.
    link to full match page

    the admin should have the abillity to allow members to sign up for a match themselves or to disallow this and assign members (or even better, assign the different rosters of players) to the match.

    PS; ive just discovered Pulpcore, and will be concentrating on that instead of this. if anyone wants to pick up my idea, feel free to do so. i can guarantee this'd be a big hit since its such a vital lot of features for clans (and something everything else seems to be missing.). should not be too hard for you php wiz's either, huh hehe. i'll be glad to answer more questions if you guys have any. :D
  • edited August 2009
    they function differently - this one concentrates on a single clan, the other looks at allowing self maintaing clans to sign up, and have matches with other registered clans. it wouldnt work the same.

    proof is in plugins like phpbb rivals

    it cant really be used to maintain your own clan.
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