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Vanilla Pure

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I've made a skin that's pretty much basic and really simple.. and 'pure'. It's based off the original Vanilla skin but I've stripped out alot of things. Rather then talking more about it you can test it out here: or download it here: Preview: Let me know what you think.


  • That's really quite nice. I'm going to leave it installed as a choice on my forum :)

    How do you want the Skin attributed? I've got it as ADM.
  • Yeah that's ok :) Thanks!
  • lechlech Chicagoland
    A little too light for my tastes, but it looks really sweet, ADM! nice job.
  • I'll make a dark version of it eventually, probably call it Vanilla Rich :p Rich and Pure.. sounds good :D
  • Pure, how bout Filthy.
  • Imo the blue used for discussion titles etc is a bit harsh compared to the white background. But other than that it's nice. Would you like to add it to the wiki? Styles are a little thin on the ground over there even though i'm sure there are more than that made.
    edited January 2006
    Ok version 1.5 is up, at the same url before. Main change was the support for bigger avatars, all smaller ones just get centered in that area. Here's a image preview: v1 can still be downloaded here: EDIT: Oh and yeah I will add it to the wiki, just need to make an account ;) I'll do that when I get home from work tomorrow.
  • That's very nice indeed, I'll have to have a look at that when I try doing a skin. Now if only you could pursuade all your users to be that 'arty' with their icons :D.
  • Yeah it's working quite well.. to get the full effect all users must support 150x60 avatar sizes, but it does a good enough job for avatars smaller then that (it centers then in the middle).
  • Is there something specific that has to be done to enable the larger avatars? I just installed it on my board and I'm still getting 35 x 35.
  • lechlech Chicagoland
    32x32 is the max, you need to hack apart the CSS to enlarge them.
  • Ah. I thought it was included with the style.
    edited January 2006
    It is included with the style.. are you sure you downloaded v1.5? You can test it out by using the live theme: Remember it won't stretch out small avatars.. so change your ava to something bigger and you'll see it fill the space.
    edited January 2006
    Ok I've updated the style to 2.0 -- I don't really think theres anything else I really want to add to it. Basically the changes are: - Customised the Start Discussion button -- it's turns orange when it hovers over. - Made the main comment body text smaller. - Added a light gradient to the background. - Used -moz-border-radius for the menutabs and the discussion button. - Couple of other little changes. The biggest change is that I've reverted the avatars to 32x32 -- the reason for this is because I know alot of people don't want to support larger avatars and so I'm just going with the majority here. Though if you do want the larger avatars here's a hacked 2.0 CSS file which supports 150x60 avatars like the older 1.5 release: Preview of 2.0 is here: Download link is in the first post of this thread. Enjoy guys :)
  • Oh, wow, I'm impressed - I like how you did the tabs. Nice job!
  • Small critique, should the inactive tabs be rounded at the bottom? It looks slightly odd.
  • Thanks guys for the comments. ben: Yeah I know, I haven't really looked in at how you can change that.. I'll have a look.
    edited January 2006
    Ok fixed it :) I've updated the live directory, the pure download zip file and also the preview image. I decided to call it 2.0.1 (mainly for fun :p) Download link in first post.
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