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style in progress...

edited October 2005 in Vanilla 1.0 Help what does everyone think? part of a site launching next week.


  • 403 - forbidden.
  • hmmm, how do I change that then?
  • I have it working as my style sheet now. add that link in your forum preferences
  • I'm not a fan of the header image but the general look is quite nice. I like the grey stripe running along underneath the tabs. That's really nicely done :)
  • the header image is gonna end up being a flash animation that spans the whole site. not my choice though as I hate flash with a passion
  • I thing its alright. The black lines could do with being a dark grey, they wont be so harsh that way, also the border around the quickjump looks a bit strange.
  • lechlech Chicagoland
    Not a bad start, It still looks fairly plain however and could use some more edges to help break up discussions and topics up from one another. But not bad, I like.
  • For me, the actual text of a comment is offset to the right. That could do with changing. Oh and I don't like those giant comment boxes for such a little comment.
  • I like the header. I'd ditch the blue and pink though. Dont even get these guys started on another flash rant.
  • anyone like the avatars to the side?
  • I don't. I kinda like these smaller, inline, avatars.
  • edited October 2005
    I don't like it (the style). Dont like the colors or fonts or the totally black lines, the big avatars, etc... Only my opinion... :-)

    Now, the vanilla pure style (, lovely. I like the default one a lot as well.
  • I like it. I think its probably the most 'different' style i've seen so far for vanilla. Things I like: - the header looks cool - infact i like the entire 'top part' of the site Things i don't like: - the black borders are a bit harsh as said previously - not kean on the redy/pink colour used for unread comments - although the avatar is a good idea, doesnt work for me generally a cool looking theme though... could look very nice if polished up a little more and some slight recolouring.
  • - although the avatar is a good idea, doesnt work for me

    doesn't work taste wise or technically?
  • Hmm, i dont mind it. Not my favourite. Again its different which is nice to see. I think the avatars down the side might help win over a couple of the phpBB/etc lovers slightly more which could be a plus.
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