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FireEvent in MessageController class for _GetAssetData and _GetLocationData

edited September 2009 in Feedback

I am really excited to use Garden framework. Its a really cool app. It will make the developers life very easy. I like the way Vanilla is separated from Garden. But one thing that I have noticed in MessageController class that _GetLocationData directly adds the Vanilla discussion page option. Instead of this can we have FireEvent in _GetAssetData and _GetLocationData so that other apps can easily register their option for displaying message in their own defined asset.

Anyways a really really cool app to work on! Looking forward to develop some cool apps on it.


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    MarkMark Vanilla Staff
    Great idea!

    I've altered the code in my dev version (to be pushed to GitHub tonight or tomorrow):
    protected function _GetAssetData() {
    $AssetData = array();
    $AssetData['Content'] = 'Above Main Content';
    $AssetData['Panel'] = 'Below Sidebar';
    $this->EventArguments['AssetData'] = &$AssetData;
    return $AssetData;

    protected function _GetLocationData() {
    $ControllerData = array();
    $ControllerData['Garden/Settings/Index'] = 'Dashboard';
    $ControllerData['Garden/Profile/Index'] = 'Profile Page';
    $ControllerData['Vanilla/Discussions/Index'] = 'Discussions Page';
    $ControllerData['Vanilla/Discussion/Index'] = 'Comments Page';
    $ControllerData['Base'] = 'Every Page';
    $this->EventArguments['ControllerData'] = &$ControllerData;
    return $ControllerData;
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