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This discussion is related to the Quotations addon.


  • Source of original text:

    puppies look good covered in fur!

    Source of quoted text:

    Posted by Dylanpuppies lookgoodcovered infur!this is a reply
  • Well, that points the blame at the javascript.

    //strip whitespace

    nodeValue = nodeValue.replace(/^\s*|\s*$/g,'');

    You could try commenting out that line to see if it helps, but I imagine it's there for a reason. The method used to pull out the data may leave extra spaces. Which is more of a concern for you - extra spaces, or less spaces :P
  • My forum users recently discovered that they can change their display names. One of them chose a name that contained a single quote. When someone quoted one of the user's posts using this extension, the single quote in the authorName destroyed the page. Here is a fix I have implemented.

    Insert the following code at line 18 in quote.js

    authorName = authorName.replace( /'/g, "'" );

    This will replace single quotes in the authorName with the html element that will not break the page rendering.
  • Please use $Context->SetDefenition instead $Context->Dictionary

    I need edit your code every time after update, and you can change some strings once! It's simple and fast way for you and other non english vanilla users.

    Multiply all edit time for change your wrong coding style with quaintly of all non-english of extension users and understand how much time of life you steal from peoples. It's theft of life on planet.

    Be better - use $Context->SetDefenition
  • I can't seem to get this to work out correctly.

    I click quote and it copies the text that needs to be copied but it shows everything as HTML.


    Hi there!

    Quoted Post:
    dubLeEHi There!I'm trying to quote!

    not sure how to fix this at all!
    I've even tried formatting the post and the commented post as text, html, and bbcode!
  • how do i make it work with tinymce? thanks
  • Just edit the comment in default.php to match the version number 1.5 - that takes care of the auto updater issue. :)
  • hm, can you be more specific please...
  • To fix the problem of spaces between tags getting stripped completely, but still benefit from removal of whitespace stripping, you can use the following, which will strip all but one space from the beginning and end of each node:

    (Near line 127 of quote.js)
    //strip whitespace nodeValue = nodeValue.replace(/^\s+|\s+$/g,' ');
  • default.php seems to be missing a ?> at the end.
  • also having the problem:
    [quote][cite]Posted By: Cass_ette[/cite]testing something else[/quote] trying

    it seems like there is more than one person having this problem... I tried the changing the quote.js and quote-html.js....... still doing the above?
  • SheilaSheila ✭✭
    bbakermay not be the best javascript coding, but this worked for me:

    just above the line: if(tagName != "")

    Purrrfect, that solved the issue with Vanillacons
    hadnfieldTo fix the problem of spaces between tags getting stripped completely..
    And this with some issues when quoting formatted text. Haven't checked with bb code yet but at least if there's some way to lose extra stuff and not to mess formatting..

    Guess now there are only issues with Polls and attached images. :D

    edit: One issue more with Vanillacons in quote. If and when quoting Vanillacons that have been renamed using Transmogrifer, code posted by bbakermay does not work and it prints <img src="./smilies/default/biggrin.gif" alt=":biggrin:">
    Somebody willing to help? Appreciated :)
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