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Multi Roles

This discussion is related to the Multi Roles addon.


  • From what robertpate has said, this is looking like an excellent update Adam. I don't currently have a populated forum that I can test this on, only an empty test one, but this looks like it's going to be an essential extension for Vanilla :)

    Robert's comment about not being able to set category permissions from the role is a good one. If this could be implemented (maybe in 2.5) then it would certainly speed things up for the admin.

    Looking forward to version 3, perhaps there could be a way of showing the members of a moderation/admin group for a category? This could be put into a nugget (to help keep things a little simpler) and then placed wherever the admin chooses.
  • Robertpate, I didn't even realise this existed when adding a role, I will see what I can do =) Your second suggestion (although useful) is quite difficult to implement. I will have a think about it.

    Stash, I don't know about the whole nugget thing, I don't think it is within the scope of this extension... perhaps someone could write another extension or an actual nugget to achieve it, it wouldn't be too difficult.

  • You're right Adam. There's no real reason to include the category group in this extension. However, this extension will enable this very feature! that's why I mentioned it here I guess :)
  • The site is down. Could anyone reupload 2.0b2?
  • It's back up =) (my server is a bit up and down at the moment as I work to fix it, if it is down retry again later)
  • Thank you. I'm having some issues though... When I enable it, this message gets displayed: "Could not update Multi Roles database table!"
  • Sorry, I have been very busy at the moment (I am starting University and moving on Saturday). I will hopefully have some time to work on it in the coming week.

  • Thx, I've installed MultiRoles2.0b it's a very good plugins.
    Someone have modified the plugin to add a moderation/admin group for a category?
  • Multi Roles 2.0b is great... except that it doesn't always work. on my forum, a user that has a lesser role as primary, plus has admin doesn't actually get "PERMISSION_HIDE_COMMENTS" when push comes to shove :-S
  • Is there any chance to get this into Core? Would solve a lot of problems.
  • Two pages that the multiple roles are not shown, and where it may be good to show them:

    - On the account statistics page, ie. /account.php?u=N (where N is the user ID)
    - On the user search results pages.

    I don't know if there is a delegation hook for doing that, but at the moment only the main role is displayed.
  • Hej...
    I had a little problem with the permissions and multi-roles. Somehow some granted permissions did not work for users who were not granted those permission via the mainrole but multiroles-roles.
    A little example of what I mean: User ABC has the role moderator and newsletter (=he can write a newsletter to all members). Now I have the permission PERMISSION_WRITE_NEWSLETTER and for the role newsletter it is set to true. The issue is: if the mainrole of user ABC is newsletter then the user can write a newsletter (as its supposed to), but if the mainrole is something different, for instance moderator, then suddenly the user ABC does not have that permission anymore, even though a not-mainrole should give it to him. However, the really weird thing is, that it doesn't apply to all permissions. Some work in that constellation.

    I made the following addition to the default.php of multiroles. And it seems to work... I just hope that it wont brake something at some other place. If it might does, pleas tell me.
    517,522c517 < foreach( $Permissions as $Key => $Value ) { < // added by Mumpitz because there were some weird issues with the permissions. I hope that wont brake anything < if (!array_key_exists($Key, $Context->Session->User->Permissions)) < { < $Context->Session->User->Permissions[$Key] = 0; < } --- > foreach( $Permissions as $Key => $Value ) {
    A little description of what it does: somehow the $Context->Session->User->Permissions-Array does not hold all available Permissions. But if the permission is not in that array the MultiRolesManager will not set the permission to true. Thus I check the array if the permission is in the array. If it is not inside, I'll added to the array (set to false).
  • SheilaSheila ✭✭
    Hi there! (And my first post to Vanilla forums so greetings everybody :) )

    Just managed to convert my previous forum to Vanilla 1.1.8 but have issues with multiple roles. My forum relies quite heavily on them so would be appreciated to get this working.

    CategoryRoles 0.7 does not have any affect on the roles, just picks the primary role and it's permissions. The two patches posted on this thread just produce similar sql error as robertpate posted.
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