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User Wall

This discussion is related to the User Wall addon.


  • okay i'm a lil confused... i did change the code around line 259, but which version did either you Hamed or mis-one used. I have altered all the links to the extension on both post to the latest one, so please try redownloading the files again and reinstalling it and tell me if it repeats itself.
    Also for all who downloaded my Friends extension, i just realized i forgot to get the extension to set a default member number to show the page so errors should come up, so you just need to open up the settings page and set it and it should work fine. I'll upload the fixed extension soon under the same release, so you can have a fixed copy :)
  • Should be a different release number, to be proper and have good karma and all that!
  • For the record, I didn't get any errors with 1.0 Beta 9...
  • haha... It is a different release number, i edited the previous original post from beta 8 to beta 9 :) And are you getting the error like mis-one as well wanderer?
  • Great extension vanoob, I haven't upgraded to the new beta as I just installed the previous one and it's working fine. Much appreciated. One idea I had though; is it possible to build in (or on the side) user notification for when someone leaves a comment on their Wall, like with Whisper Notification?
  • Unlike the wall, whisper notification uses the commenting system which implements a 2 layer scheme, the first layer list the titles, while the second layer list the guts (comments etc). Now how that notification works is when you access the second layer, it registers in the database that the topic has been now read by you.

    With the User Wall however, because it is a single layer system, the definitive of a comment being read is difficult to achieve as all the guts are displayed on the account page. There is a way however if a new table is made which stores the viewing of the accounts page retrospective to the time of the latest wall post to the time that an account is active.

    However as i am not sure exactly how the last active time of a user is actually determined i can at this time not figure out how to implement the notification system properly. Another thing i can't figure out at this stage is how to be able to allow html or bbcode text formatting to occur. If anybody has any ideas please inform me :)
  • Hi there,
    thanks for the update. I'd just like to know what this means 'Hide set role permission for Wall reminder.'

    Also, is there a way to set the permission to 'allow wall prefferences' for all by default?
    is it: $Context->Configuration['PERMISSION_USER_WALL_COMMENT'] = '1';

    or is that something totally different?

    Thanks again
    - Vaz

    also just tried out friends. enabled it, went to a mates profile. click 'add as friend'. button changed, clicked 'for sure?'
    and then the following came up:

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function redirect() in /home/.pilar/xxxxx/ on line 180
  • Yes you are correct Vaz about the user wall preferences for all by default. However i would not recommend it as that would allow unauthorized roles, people who are not members to be able to comment on user walls. Therefore i would recommend changing the role permissions using the roles & permissions manager.

    As for the friends extension, i have tried to replicate the error you have received, however i could not, therefore it might be a php version problem. In that case... you can replace line 180 with
    header("Location: ". str_replace("&", "&", $Url ));

    I hope that answers your problems.
    Furthermore please post the information in their relevant discussion headings.

    In lieu of the recent errors observed from Redirect(), i will revert the extentions to using header() once more. Uploaded packages will contain the same extension version with a different packaged date.
  • Hi there Vonoob,

    I changed the 0 to 1 but it didnt seem to have changed anything. Also could you please explain what 'Hide set role permission for Wall reminder' means?

    Kind regards,
  • @Vaz, okay as i've mentioned before, User Wall has a 2 level system, the first level being if the admin of the forum has given each role the ability to comment on a wall. The other level is at a more personal level where the user themselves allow someone else who already has been granted "commenting ability" by the admin to write on the users wall.

    So by changing 0 to 1, you have granted everybody including unauthorized (not logged on people) to comment on any users wall, so the next step is to set the personal permissions of a user to allow others to write on their wall.
    And as i have mentioned in my previous post, i still recommend changing the individual roles to allow them to comment than changing the permission in the source code to 1. If however you still feel inclined to do so, if you examine the line above the permission line, you will see there is a duplicate code with slight differences, uncomment that line and comment the line that is = to 0, I'm not sure how this exactly works, but when i was testing it tentatively, somehow unauthorized roles can't comment.

    Okay now next step is to set all user accounts to automatically allow other people to comment on their wall to do this,
    find line 94 or
    $PreferencesForm->AddPreference('UserWall', 'Pref_TurnOnUserWall_Text', 'TurnOnUserWall', 0);
    And replace with
    $PreferencesForm->AddPreference('UserWall', 'Pref_TurnOnUserWall_Text', 'TurnOnUserWall', 1);
    This method however still allow a person to turn off their wall so others can't write on them.

    And as for Hide set role permissions for wall reminder is, well i'd thought that would be self explanatory. Well that is a toggle for a person who has the ability to change roles and manage extensions and all it does is it removes a reminder showing on the index page reminding them to set the role permissions for commenting on a user wall.
  • Hi Vanoob,

    thanks for clearing that up. I agree with you on the permission bit and left it as it is. I went ahead and made the line changes to the form prefferences. For some reason it doesnt seem to be changing and still disallows commenting (despite role permission being granted). Could you perhaps dump the source in a whisper as to what it should look like? (Perhaps I've not understood something and done something silly).

    Thanks again, much appriciated.
    - Vaz
  • i have a new idea for this wall
    if anyone could do it
    it would be SUPER AWESOME

    can we have whisper comments on the wall
    something like that
    it would be cool
  • vanoobHowever as i am not sure exactly how the last active time of a user is actually determined i can at this time not figure out how to implement the notification system properly. Another thing i can't figure out at this stage is how to be able to allow html or bbcode text formatting to occur. If anybody has any ideas please inform me :)
    Anyone have any input on this to help vanoob? I know a notification system would really bring this extension into its own, on our forum at least.
  • Anyone have a site running this (and friends) I'd like to see it in action before I commit.
  • Anyone have the User Wall 1.0 Beta 9? The links above no longer work.
  • can we have whisper comments on the wall
    something like that
    it would be cool
  • Hey guys, Happy new year. Whisper comments huh, i think that can be easily implemented, so it should work like the comments can only be viewed by the person who wrote it or the owner?? And with regards to the previous problem about notification and fancying the text. I still have no clue. With regards to the User Wall link. Yeah sorry about that. the file provider decided to shut down and my computer which the file is on currently. well the video card decided to go bye bye. so give me some time and i'll try to upload another file again... Another thing is what do you guys think of this file compared to the original package, because if mine is significantly improved, it would be probably wise to change the ownership of this extension over to me, not sure if that is possible or not.
  • Dude!! that would be so awesome of you, if you could do that
    so coool
    i love whispers
    if you decide to add this on,
    when do you think it would be available?

    thanks a bunch
  • Yeah the "whispers" won't be using vanilla's whisper system just in case you're wondering, but did i mention my video card is bust on the pc that has all the files on it? So once i replace my video card the first thing i'll do is upload the latest stable package. And i will start on the coding when i have time, should prolly only take 2 days or so of intermitent coding, unless i decided to tweak other stuff as well. I'll keep you guys updated.

    @ Vaz, hey soz about not replying, i kinda took well as you can see a long break. Now i'm not sure if i understand what you said exactly. But it looks like you took my advice on not changing the role permission rules, but decided to change on the personal preference rules. Now the question is can you/"youraccount" comment on your own wall? Also the line for the personal preferences that you changed, that only works on accounts who have not altered the rule in their database. So to fix that requires you to add a line which i might install in the next release to let admins change the global personal preference settings (not sure if that's a good idea). The other alternative is if you're just using your other test account, go into the personal forum settings i think it is and tick/untick 2x to your wanted configuration and save it. That should fix the problem.
  • why won't it use the vanilla whisper system?
  • my somewhat educated guess -

    because it's not really posting a message, i think it adds its own line to the table.
  • oh ok
    it would be really cool if it did though
  • Hey there, very nice addon, but may someone please update the Download?

    The Link to Beta 9 in the last posts is dead... :(
  • vanoob - man it looks like you put a lot of work into fixing some of the problems (especially the CSS) but the link that you posted is dead.

    Any chance that anyone has a copy of beta 9? It's killing me because beta 6 totally breaks the account page in IE.

    Anyone have any idea how to fix this?

  • Oh man... sorry about that guys. It seems the filehost decide to go bye bye. And i've been busy off my behind. I'm removing the dead link as we speak.
    I hope there is no problems for the old users using this package and hope it is the same for the new users. If so, leave a msg here and i'll try to get back to you as soon as possible. And if we can somehow transfer control of this extension to my account so it makes it easier to update and track, it would be great. I don't think Pol is updating this anymore.
  • Thanks vanoob! exactly what i was looking for! Thanks so much for providing a real file this time :P
  • I just tested it on IE7 and am still getting some really whacky css errors.

    Any ideas?
  • I'm using IE7 as well and i can't see any errors on my behalf, can you capture a screenshot.
  • Sure - also, now i'm having a really weird problem that has to do with permissions - it's disabled access for everyone to be able to comment, even though the member permission to comment on people's walls is checked. any ideas?

    I think I just had cached css data - the css seems to be working fine now - i apologize about the false alarm.
  • There's 2 layers of permissions/checkpoints for the user wall commenting feature.

    1. Global permission to enable certain groups to comment on the wall in settings --> Roles & permissions.
    2. This applies to individual walls, in the "account"-->Forum preferences there should be a checkbox to determine if your wall is private or public. Default is private if i remembered correctly. (this allows individual person to enable their walls being written on)

    So yes, make sure you have set those permissions/checkpoints properly. In either case, if you have enabled the global permission for your i assume "administrator" group to be able to write, you should be able to comment on your own wall. In either case there should be certain warnings that are distict to the pattern of checkpoints that is blocked.
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