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User Wall

This discussion is related to the User Wall addon.


  • hello guys long time no see,

    how is this wall extension doing? allready stable and ready to go? some progress?
  • @ suicideking: Sorry may be a stupid question, but which version of User wall and vanilla are you running? Because there's the official package and then the package that i'm currently updating and producing which you can download from one of the post in this thread.
    So i'm trying to understand your problem. let me see if i understood you
    * You've installed user wall
    * Upon uninstallation of User Wall, your website will crash
    * While user wall is uninstalled, to get your website up and running, you've had to modify your conf/settings and conf/extension file

    Hmm various things i can think of which may not be relevant, how did you uninstall userwall. did you just delete the folder or did you first disabled the wall then delete the folder. In which case it's weird that you would have to artificially add in those lines for your forum to work.

    @fery, if you've only asked that question before suicideking posted, i would have said yeah... working pretty fine as i didn't get a big shoutout in the thread going "i *&^( hate you, i installed your software and it totally killed me" Since i last released the latest version.

    Anyway @ suicideking again, if possible could you obtain a screenshot of the crash. I will try to troubleshoot, i may need a test account to your ftp and website if that's possible. Email me the details to me, you can find my contact details on my website listed in the extension.
  • If you could just add simple notifications about new comments on the Wall, it'd be really nice! Something like New Applicants notification would be just enough.
  • I'm getting this error when I try to edit someone else's comment on the wall:

    Warning: Missing argument 2 for ForceIncomingInt(), called in /srv/www/vhosts/ on line 217 and defined in /srv/www/vhosts/ on line 333

    Notice: Undefined variable: DefaultValue in /srv/www/vhosts/ on line 335

    Notice: Undefined variable: DefaultValue in /srv/www/vhosts/ on line 336

    Notice: Undefined variable: DefaultValue in /srv/www/vhosts/ on line 338

    Notice: Undefined variable: DefaultValue in /srv/www/vhosts/ on line 339

    Notice: Undefined variable: DefaultValue in /srv/www/vhosts/ on line 340
  • Hi guys. Here's a good news. From all your replies and hints, i have figured out a possible way for me to implement notifications of wall posts.

    So i will try to implement this and get back to you guys. but firstly i would like some input...
    How would you like the notifications to be set out? please vote comment.

    1. "You have # new wall post/s"
    2. Or multiple lines showing the names of people who have left you posts? "{name} have left you a message".

    So yeah please inform me, feel free to give me quotes to be used as the notification message that you think would be wise, i will also try to enable a custom settings to change the settings of course.

    Which brings me to my next topic. Seems like user wall is pretty much being maintained by me.. i'm thinking of renaming this extension and posting it as my own with acknowledgement of pol as a co author.

    So if anybody has a suggestion of names to rename the extension, instead of user wall. It will be greatly appreciated. The newly named extension will include the notification system.

    Well will get back to you guys soon.

    P.S. @dkodr, did the package i sent you fixed your problem? i'm assuming that it did.
  • Great news vanoob.

    I'm indifferent to the notification used. Whichever is easiest I suppose. How does Facebook do it?

    As for a name, you could get away from the Wall idea and use something like GuestBook. Or how about WonderWall?
  • @vanoob: I'm sorry, I haven't managed to test it, yet. Thank you for your concern! As soon as I'll find some time to upload and test the updated version, I'll tell you wether the problem has been resolved.

    -[ edit ]----------

    The update fixed the problem ;-) Thanks a lot! Looking forward to the notifications.
  • Okay guys here's the update on what i have been up to. I have gone over the extension once more, and i actually found various bugs that were not reported to do with message editing by global moderators. This issue has been fixed. I've also revamped the private messages system which allows for tighter control during database queries -> similar to the implementation of vanilla.

    But i guess the thing you guys are waiting for is the notifications of new messages. Now let me say that i have implemented a system that works, but crude. I am in the midst of polishing it. However heres an overview.

    So basically how it works will a notification will appear informing you how many messages that you have not viewed, it will offer a link back to the accounts page.
    Now whether you use this link or navigate to the accounts page using the account tab. All the messages that appears on your screen will be marked as old immediately. So new messages on another page will still be left as not having being viewed. Also note that an edited message will again be marked as new/not viewed.

    And with regards to making my packages an official extension I have decided to dub it "Message Wall". Unless you can give me a better reason not to give it that name. You will be seing the first installments soon after i finish the polishing stages and implement an auto update system to hopefully allow you to keep your old data without starting afresh.

  • Sorry guys, haven't uploaded the new "Message Wall" extension yet. Been waiting for 1.1.5 final to test it out. Hopefully will officially launch the extension by early next week.
  • vanoob, no pressure at all, but any news on the new version?
  • oh oops, sorry for the late publish... thanks for reminding me lookhere.

    Message Wall 1.0 is now released
  • Brilliant, I'll try it this evening
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