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[Coming Soon] 'Back To Camp'

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Just an FYI that this weekend I will be starting work on 'Back 2 Camp', my imaginatively named new vanilla theme. Once more I'm going for Basecamp integration, and as such it will look a little something like this:


Hopefully I'm going to be able to achieve a much greater level of theming this time round having played with vanilla for a while now. One thing which I really want to get right is to display threads like this:


If there is anything anyone specifically wants in a Bc inspired theme, let me know and I'll see if I can integrate it.


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    That looks very much like a job for a blog/cms engine, and not so much like a job for a forum that (at the moment) does not support templates.
  • It's only the theme I'm doing, as a follow-up to my other theme which was based on the original basecamp design.
  • Lol that's a pain in the ass for you then that Basecamp updated the UI! Still not totally convinced about the new look, esp. the grey as now all my logos stick out as they're on a whitebackground, but it's growing on me
  • I really like that idea.
  • What I dislike in the example above is the difference in colour of the inactive tabs and the main strip background colour, they should be, and will be the same in my design. I'm not sure what I'm going to do about the right-hand column, in my design it will most likely be switched, with the panel on the left, but the Bg colour thing needs some thinking on my part, as I would prefer that area to have a white background, like you, I prefer my logo to sit on white where possible.
  • Why not make a white box purely for the logo to sit in, and then join that box to the edge of the content.
  • Are you still working on this theme? Or have you quit working on it?
  • MarkMark Vanilla Staff
    I hope he's waiting for another two weeks before he works on it - Vanilla 1 should be ready by then.
  • Gulp! Can't wait. Cue the choruses of: But when can we expect Vanilla 1.1? ; ) On behalf of refined and cultured forum operators and users everywhere, I tip my hat to you sir. Thanks!
  • Can somone do a wee clone of Basecamp for me!? Please?
  • Sorry guys, been super busy. Once I've had a good look at the new gubbins in V1, I'll get working on this at some point.
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