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More Sub-Forum Levels?

edited November 2010 in Vanilla 2.0 - 2.2
Is there a way, or a plug-in that will allow you to make more sub-forum level for categories.

Right now there is only Parent Category (that you can't post to), Category and Discussion. One or two more 'levels' would be extremely beneficial for me.

I don't know much about anything other than making websites, but it seems like it would be easy to do.

Thanks in advance!


  • I agree with Jimmy and would like to see at least one more level for the forums. This would give bigger communities a way to dissect/divide the conversations/topics.
  • I REALLY don't want to, but I honestly might have to find another forum to use because of this :(
  • I would also like to have this feature.
    I use vanilla for a discussion group that focuses on workgroups for different projects. It would be ideal to have a sub-level for discussions, to generate something like buddypress' "groups".
  • hyphyhyphy New
    edited July 2011
    You can do the following: Parent Category (Heading) -> Category -> Category -> Category -> Category -> Discussions

    If you don't want users to be able to post into any of the categories leveled above the final discussions category, then that can be set with custom permissions.

    I believe Vanilla even codes CSS for up to 14 sub-categories.
  • @hyphy: how can one create sub-categories and embed them in parent categories? I could not find any explanation about it. In another posting there was an indication about setting a category as a parent, but it didn't work (that button is not existing in the actual vanilla version!)
  • hyphyhyphy New
    edited July 2011
    Just drag the boxes containing the sub-categories descriptions in the Dashboard with your mouse a bit to the right of your screen and you'll see them automatically begin to branch down.
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