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CSS list linking error?

edited November 2005 in Vanilla 1.0 Help
For some reason in Firefox, it seems this is the only place it does this, when you click a link in the navigation list on my website, they move... It only happens when you click them. Take a look: http://onemanshortproductions.com It has been bothering me for a LONG time now... and any attempts at a fix were futile. Can anyone help?


  • I think it is the borders. When you click, the active link has a right white border.
  • Yeah I noticed... but I've applies the same css to the active link and visited... only hover has different css.
  • Ah, I think I found it. Another piece of your stylesheet was causing it. The very last one, #footer. Line #325. #footer ul li a:hover, #nav ul li a:focus, #nav ul li a:active{ color: #c10000; border-right: 0.1em solid white; text-decoration: none; } Thats causing the text to move, and to add the border on the right.
  • When working with links I might share a small nugget of knowledge I think many of you find useful. It's called "LoVe HAte" or "LVHA" it describes the order you should put your links in the stylesheet so that they don't overrule eachother. a:link a:visited a:hover a:active Use this method and you can be sure that there is no browser problems.
  • That's a fine piece of advice. Thanks.
  • Aha! Ty Krak. Lol, such a small oversight.
  • can i get some constructive criticism on the design?
  • It's rather nice, maybe bit heavy witht the header and the left side image, they could be bit softer and maybe you could use some real photos for them, like scan a strip of film, like some 35mm film and maybe you could get some nice images from some stock from somewhere. But other than that, the site is easy to navigate, has information presented nicely. I don't have any problem using that.
  • Thanks. I'll look into that. know of nay good stock photo sites?
  • "an independant film company" is a bit close to the nav for my liking and cause of the way the words are spread out quite a lot they look a bit like they could be links.

    other than that i'd say it's well presented and tidy.
  • Ah. It just so happens I was actually gonna take that over and put it over under One Man Short Productions, or remove it all together, hadn't decided. I want to shorten the width of the actual logo size. I'll see what I can do. Thanks for your comments.
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