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Update for critical security issue in PHPMailer included in release Vanilla 2.3.1
Please upgrade to 2.3 here. The 2.2 and earlier branches are no longer being updated.

Search not working correctly for Japanese language - multibyte character problem?

edited September 2011 in Vanilla 2.0 - 2.2
We are using Vanilla version 2.0.18b2 and users will post in Japanese language. The problem is that when doing a search, it will only find the exact phrase that was searched but not part of it (individual words).

For example, we can search for: いつもご利用ありがとうございます
But not this: いつも (which is part of this phrase)

I noticed in another post that someone had the same problem with Chinese and other unicode (multibyte) characters. Does anyone have any tips or a solution for this? Database is using utf-8 characters so I don't think there's a problem with database.

I have been checking the source files and I'm guessing that /applications/dashboard/models/class.searchmodel.php handles this but maybe we'd need to change something somewhere else?

Here's searchmodel.php:
class SearchModel extends Gdn_Model {
protected $_Parameters = array();

protected $_SearchSql = array();

protected $_SearchMode = 'match';

public $ForceSearchMode = '';

protected $_SearchText = '';

/// METHODS ///
public function AddSearch($Sql) {
$this->_SearchSql[] = $Sql;

/** Add the sql to perform a search.
* @param Gdn_SQLDriver $Sql
* @param string $Columns a comma seperated list of columns to search on.
public function AddMatchSql($Sql, $Columns, $LikeRelavenceColumn = '') {
if ($this->_SearchMode == 'like') {
if ($LikeRelavenceColumn)
$Sql->Select($LikeRelavenceColumn, '', 'Relavence');
$Sql->Select(1, '', 'Relavence');


$ColumnsArray = explode(',', $Columns);
foreach ($ColumnsArray as $Column) {
$Column = trim($Column);

$Param = $this->Parameter();
$Sql->OrWhere("$Column like $Param", NULL, FALSE, FALSE);

} else {
$Boolean = $this->_SearchMode == 'boolean' ? ' in boolean mode' : '';

$Param = $this->Parameter();
$Sql->Select($Columns, "match(%s) against($Param{$Boolean})", 'Relavence');
$Param = $this->Parameter();
$Sql->Where("match($Columns) against ($Param{$Boolean})", NULL, FALSE, FALSE);

public function Parameter() {
$Parameter = ':Search'.count($this->_Parameters);
$this->_Parameters[$Parameter] = '';
return $Parameter;

public function Reset() {
$this->_Parameters = array();
$this->_SearchSql = '';

public function Search($Search, $Offset = 0, $Limit = 20) {
// If there are no searches then return an empty array.
if(trim($Search) == '')
return NULL;

// Figure out the exact search mode.
if ($this->ForceSearchMode)
$SearchMode = $this->ForceSearchMode;
$SearchMode = strtolower(C('Garden.Search.Mode', 'matchboolean'));

if ($SearchMode == 'matchboolean') {
if (strpos($Search, '+') !== FALSE || strpos($Search, '-') !== FALSE)
$SearchMode = 'boolean';
$SearcMode = 'match';
} else {
$this->_SearchMode = $SearchMode;
$this->_SearchMode = $SearchMode;


if(count($this->_SearchSql) == 0)
return NULL;

// Perform the search by unioning all of the sql together.
$Sql = $this->SQL
->From('_TBL_ s')
->OrderBy('s.DateInserted', 'desc')
->Limit($Limit, $Offset)

$Sql = str_replace($this->Database->DatabasePrefix.'_TBL_', "(\n".implode("\nunion all\n", $this->_SearchSql)."\n)", $Sql);

$this->EventArguments['Search'] = $Search;

if ($this->_SearchMode == 'like')
$Search = '%'.$Search.'%';

foreach($this->_Parameters as $Key => $Value) {
$this->_Parameters[$Key] = $Search;

$Result = $this->Database->Query($Sql, $this->_Parameters)->ResultArray();
foreach ($Result as $Key => $Value) {
if (isset($Value['Summary'])) {
$Value['Summary'] = Gdn_Format::Text($Value['Summary']);
$Result[$Key] = $Value;
return $Result;


Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!


  • van919 is right.
    You can use MySQL like mode with adding this to your conf/config.php.
    We did this for Japanese installer and it's working for me.
  • Thanks for help guys, but this doesn't seem to work either. I changed the mode to like but now the search finds *all* discussions every time, regardless of the search term. I also added other extra lines in the config file (locale, charset..) for Japanese, same as on the Github link yu_tang provided.

    Any clues??
  • hi achikochi . I think PHP mbstring settings incorrect.

    Have you checked the php.ini settings ?
    mbstring.language = Japanese
    mbstring.internal_encoding = UTF-8
    mbstring.http_input = pass or UTF-8
    mbstring.http_output = pass
    mbstring.encoding_translation = Off
    mbstring.detect_order = UTF-8,SJIS,EUC-JP,JIS,ASCII
    mbstring.substitute_character = none
    mbstring.func_overload = 0
    mbstring.strict_detection = Off

    I also had the same problem, but I was resolved :awesome:

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