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[Solved] How exactly do you use this plugin?

This discussion is related to the Vanilla jsConnect addon.
dlefflerdleffler New
edited September 2011 in Vanilla 2.0 - 2.2
I've read the documentation, installed the plugin and jsConnect Client PHP Libraries, and think I have it working with my php based cms on the same domain, but not sure the setup is complete.

Unlike ProxyConnect, there is no item appearing in the Authentication settings, so should vanilla authentication be set to 'Password'?

Does this plugin truely allow Single Sign On? Meaning, If the AuthenticationURL does truely work, will I be AUTOMATICALLY logged on when going to my vanilla forums? And if the AuthenticationURL does truely work and I'm NOT logged onto my CMS, I will NOT be logged into my vanilla forums?

Based on the documentation, it appears there is NO need to create cookies (as with ProxyConnect), is this true?

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  • dlefflerdleffler New
    edited September 2011
    Additionally, I am using <embed> Vanilla.

    IF I have authentication set to 'Password' it still seems to require me to click on the sign-in link, which throws up the sign-in dialog.

    IF I am NOT logged onto my CMS, when I click on the sign-in link to display the sign-in dialog when I click the "Sign in with websitename' button (next to the 'Register' button) it opens another tab with my cms login, but after logging into my cms, I'm still not logged into the forums and have the original tab still open.

    IF I AM logged onto my CMS, when I click on the when I click on the sign-in link to display the sign-in dialog, when I click on the "Sign in with websitename' button, it opens another small window (NOT a tab) and then opens Vanilla forums in that tiny window with the user logged on, BUT the original web page changes to 'Page Not Found' with a url of http://myurl/vanilla/index.php?p=/entry/jsconnect.

    Once I'm (manually) logged into the forums the sign-out link doesn't work, which is expected.

    IF I log off my CMS (after logging into my CMS and logging into the forums), I am still logged into the forums, but the vanilla forums sign-out link works.
  • FWIW, the blocking of 'Sign Out' was an issue because I still had proxy connect turned on. It now signs you out with only jsConnect enabled.
  • ToddTodd Chief Product Officer Vanilla Staff
    jsConnect works similar to Facebook connect on sites (including Vanilla). If you are signed in to your site you won't be automatically signed in to Vanilla until you click the "Sign In With..." button. It shows your username and picture from the other site so the users have a hint that this is a one-button operation, but they still have to click the button.
  • Ok, but the sign-in should still work within the same window when it's embedded instead of throwing up a 'Page Not Found' and opening a new WINDOW with only the forums...Correct?
  • ToddTodd Chief Product Officer Vanilla Staff
    edited September 2011 Accepted Answer
    I haven't tested the plugin with embedded forums.
  • OK, I installed from scratch without first enabling ProxyConnect and this plugin works in embedded mode. While it does throw up a window for a moment, it then closes it and we're back in the original window logged in.

    Great plugin!
  • @dleffler how do you do it for embedded vanilla ? because i still have to click on login

  • Should this plugin be used instead of ProxyConnect addon if I have the forum installed on my domain? If so, do I need to uninstall ProxyConnect (which is not working on my site) before attempting to use it?

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