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Danish translation (V2) in progress.... but can't enable it?

JesparJespar New
edited November 2011 in Localization
As above.

I've started a danish translation, but can't enable it. I've followed the instructions seen on this website. It saves fine/sets default in dashboard, but simply ignores my locale files.

Any thoughts?


  • Tried :

    * Cleaning out /cache
    * Reinstalling my Vanilla (2.x ... the newest)
    * Renaming folder
    * using DA, en-CA, da-DK etc. as locale string.
    * Adding php end tag ?> as suggested from other users in here.

    Still to no avail. Pretty frustrating, doesn't make contribution a whole lot easier really.
  • where did you put it?. There are several places locales are added (use locales/[my_locale]/definitions.php) You might need to post the file.

    I would start with one or two definitions in the file, make sure to get the meta right. Post the results here.

    grep is your friend.

  • Hey, thanks.

    I put it at the path you suggested.

    Below is the full content of my definitions file. Should it have an end php tag as well? I see that php end tag's not in the "captured.php" and "captured_admin.php" files as well.

    <?php if (!defined('APPLICATION')) exit(); $LocaleInfo['Baseline'] = array ( 'Locale' => 'da-DA', 'Name' => 'Danish Locale', 'Description' => 'Danish translation in progress.', 'Version' => '0.1', 'Author' => 'Jesper Lykke Lisby', 'AuthorEmail' => '[email protected]', 'AuthorUrl' => 'none', 'License' => 'GPL2', );

  • First choose a better name than Baseline, Danish perhaps. Name the folder exactly the same.

    Then enable the locale in dashboard, then select the locale and set as default.

    There is no need to put an end tag. The parser knows it has reached the end of the file.

    All you are really doing is creating an associative array or hash of of values, that it uses as a lookup.

    grep is your friend.

  • Hey again.

    Thanks. I totally overlooked the "Baseline" string, I don't know why really. Seems to work now, especially when I found out to save as UTF-8 format.

    I'll post the translation when it's ready. :-)

  • Hi Jesper,

    How is the translation coming along?

    Har du brug for hjælp?


  • noget ny ang. en version 2?

  • Hey Peter & bingster

    Ang. Vanilla forums dansk oversættelse:

    Jeg troede tidligere den var mistet pga backupfejl, men nu har jeg lokaliseret den i en obskur mappe på mit netværksdrev. Den er ikke komplet (nok 50%), men et godt stykke på vej. Jeg kommer ikke til at lave mere på den, da jeg helliger mig mit arbejde og andre aktiviteter i stedet. Feel free to use and edit :-)

    Tjek vedhæftet fil.

    Mvh Jesper.

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