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Need help with custom page

edited January 2012 in Vanilla 2.0 - 2.2

Please forgive my ignorance. I want to do something that should be very simple, but since I know only html and not php, it seems difficult to me.

I have created a Homepage using the dashboard. In order to people to see the posts and contribute, they must sign in. It has a short list of categories.

Now, I want to create a similar Homepage, but this one will have a different set of categories and everyone can see the posts. BUT, in order to contribute posts, they must sign in.

I want to use the same sign-in for both pages, so people don't have to have two different usernames and passwords. The same one will work for both, and once you're logged in to one, you're also logged in to the other.

When I am logged in to the Homepage, and I view Source in the browser, I see the entire HTML page layout.

But, when I search all the files and folders for vanilla, this HTML file does not exist. Is there some back-end Vanilla server that I am not able to access that stores this page? I was thinking that if I could access this, I could make html edits and solve my problem. No such luck.

Please, someone, help me solve this!

Thank you.


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