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Vanilla Forums embedded into WordPress: strange hyperlink behavior

Hi, I've recently embedded a Vanilla 2 forum into a page on my self-hosted WordPress site (the forum is forced through a remote URL), and while most things are working great I've noticed that whenever anyone places a hyperlink into their post, it tries to open the new page within the WordPress container, rather than opening a new tab or window, or redirecting the entire page. The only way a hyperlink will work is if the plain URL is posted, but that's not very practical especially when dealing with lengthy URLs.

I tried adding a CSS insert that specified all links are to open in a new tab, but it did nothing to help. Even manually adding the target="_blank" line won't open the link in a new window, it will just open a new WordPress window with the link content embedded inside.

Has anyone else using embed Vanilla with WordPress had this issue and know what the problem is or how to fix it?


  • try the noframes plugin for wordpress

    grep is your friend.

  • Thanks for the suggestion, but it still doesn't work. I think that plugin is only to prevent my site from appearing as a frame in other sites, but it won't stop my site from acting as a frame itself. Although it does make me wonder if I should be looking for a WordPress solution instead of a Vanilla solution...

  • 422422 Developer MVP

    Why embed at all ?

    Why not make vanilla standalone, on your domain. Then style to match.

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  • Well, I assume other people can use Embed Vanilla successfully without this problem. I really like everything else the way it is and just want to solve this one problem without starting the whole thing over. Is this a universal, unavoidable problem for anyone using the embed feature?

    I'm unfamiliar with some of the finer details of CSS. Is it possible to get a Vanilla forum that matches identically to the WordPress frame (with the same links, plugins, etc.), or would styling to match only give it some of the same superficial features?

  • 422422 Developer MVP

    If your site is predominantly css then the short answer is yes.

    The long answer depends on your ability.

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  • 422422 Developer MVP

    In fact an alanlogy for you:

    Years ago, we owned a flooring company, and one client had 3 sqm of crappy flooring they loved the colour of. They wanted us to match that floor exactly, tone, wear , patina and style.

    After umming and arring over the prohibitive cost and work involved, I made the simple suggestion to rip that shitty floor up, and do everything in one uniform new floor.

    They opted for my suggestion

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  • Haha, I wouldn't count too much on my CSS ability.

    I'd like to at least hear if anyone else using Embed Vanilla has experienced the same problems or, better yet, doesn't have these problems, before I do anything more drastic like that.

    I like your analogy, although I'd might suggest this is more along the lines of moving into a new apartment and loving everything except the faucets don't work, so instead of fixing the faucets, packing everything up and moving into the room next door which may or may not have as desirable floor space but at least the faucets work. Anyway, thanks for the suggestions.

  • 422422 Developer MVP

    You would be surprised how many ppl design something around a small item, even a crappy logo.

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