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I've tried making the page as FB landing page, Adsense got removed..

This discussion is related to the Custom Pages addon.
edited May 2012 in Vanilla 2.0 - 2.8

hi guys, i dont know if you experience what i have experienced, before i was using this plugin as a landing page of my fb app, somehow when i visit the site, the adsense codes are being removed, locally and from FB i-frame, i understand that FB closes down adsense codes but why does it affect the main site.. ?


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    I didnt think you could put your adsense ads on fb in any way shape or form.

  • yep but the odd thing is that it also causes it to close the adsense even though it's outside fb-iframe, direct access to the URL still dont have the adsense codes..

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    Not sure i understand. You have page embedded on facebook, with adsense ads in it?

    Facebook will block them.

    One of two things will happen, fb and or google will ban you.

  • wel basically @422 , i created a certain URL that is for FB-applications, and what fb will do is add it to their i-frame, and it has google ads on it. here's the flow:

    1. FB will remove the adsense codes on their FB-iframe (application)
    2. when i load the page using the direct URL (not through Fb-iframe) the adsense is also gone..
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    When you make a fb page, you can link it to a remote page on your domain. We do this for kajoo.

    I believe fb i frames that, but strips out 3rd party ads, or google refutes the ads because the headers dont match your sites referral domain...

    Its a tool to prevent your ads being hiacked or indeed injected all over the web.

    Imagine if we could just place our adsense code on any website!

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  • ok i'll try it pa. i'll let u know anu ang babaguhin den give me a quote :)

  • oops wrong post

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    What lingo is the post above the post above lol ?

  • Philippines :D

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    Like 442 said, Adsense wouldn't allow you to post ads in a frame on another site and Facebook actively prevent any unauthorised advertising.

    Like others, I toyed with adding my forum to Facebook - in my case I didn't use an app, I embedded it in one of those html pages apps (which cause problems displaying unsecure content in some browsers, but anyway). If I had an SSL certificate, i'd have coded it into a simple app instead, as SSL is a requirement these days on Facebook apps.

    Instead of using my "full" forum at it's normal server directory, I added another Vanilla install to my server (an absolute copy of the normal one), accessing the same database, using all the same plugins etc. So for my normal forum, I had the folder /forum and the "facebook forum" I used the folder /fbforum.

    For Facebook, I had/have no ads applied, and used the mobile theme to keep things minimal.

    it works - there are some issues though.

    1. Image uploads/avatars on Facebook's forum go to the Facebook forum's install folders. Not your normal forum's (and vice-versa), so you'd have to copy these over regularly - users who switch between both won't have their avatars on both installs.

    2. Links on the forum index to latest topics will redirect to the wrong site if accessing normal forum, and trying to click a topic made on the "facebook forum". Not such a huge issue, it really doesn't break navigation but it does cause the user to switch out to the other on certain occasions.

    3. The problem above is further exasperated as I have my forum on a subdomain, so it causes extra issues.

    If you feel you can get away with adding it to Facebook, try the method above. That way you have one install without adverts (for Facebook), and another with ads (for your website).

  • i've resolved this, having adsense in google works if you ahve your vanilla embedded..

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