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Custom CSS based on ranks

NickSNickS New
edited August 2012 in Vanilla 2.0 - 2.8

Is it possible to add the custom CSS based on the ranks of the users, so that the posts could be easy recognizable and separated. Staff Post/Member made posts? Something similar like you are using here.


  • LeeHLeeH
    edited August 2012

    I'm doing this with RoleBadges, and then hiding the generated span with display:none for everyone except mods & admins. I'm also subbing in a small image using the span's background property, instead of just displaying text. Works pretty well.

    Formal rank support doesn't look like it's in public Vanilla yet, unfortunately. Hoping that it does make it in when 2.1 hits release.

  • UnderDogUnderDog Moderator

    First, take a look at this plugin and maybe what you're asking is already built in into Vanilla 2.1

  • NickSNickS New
    edited August 2012

    I'm using the 2.1 atm :)
    Yeah I know about RoleBadges @LeeH. What I want to do is to set class in CSS for Staff posts to differ from the user posts. Not to display role.

  • NickSNickS New
    edited August 2012

    Tried RoleTitle. Still not the effect that I want to accomplish. Something like this would be near it.

  • @NickS - Check for what I'm doing. This thread has both mods and the admin (me) posting. If that looks closer to what you want, I can share my CSS.

  • UnderDogUnderDog Moderator

    What I would do is write out exactly what I needed, so 'I need this and that functionality from RoleBadges, this and that functionality from RoleTitle, but I do not need that functionality and that functionality I'm missing from both plugins'.

    That way it's easier to construct the plugin you need.

  • I'm sorry I was in hurry so I figured out that first post didn't make a lot of sense:) Yeah RoleBadges is perfect for adding the badges to differ the ranks. I guess I will be using it if I don't figure custom post css by ranks in first place :)

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