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Hi all,
Welcome, I hope this plugin can help for bombared by spammers and need a more efficient way to slow down their efforts for new Signup or tried to Login in Applicant registration mode. Its different with Vanilla default ban (Ban List), its ban from new applicant registration menu.




  • UnderDogUnderDog Moderator

    Can you explain more please? Examples, usage

  • as name as Ban Applicant is ban for candidate users (applicant), not for existing user.

    for usage this plugin, go to applicant menu ( dashboard/user/applicants), so Registration Method ( dashboard/settings/registration ) must be "Approval".

    in menu Applicant ( dashboard/user/applicants) it will showed (as screenshot in plugin home). There is "Ban" and "Block IP" button/link.

    Ban for throw up that applicant to Ban Role, so that applicant will be on Ban Role.

    Block IP for Ban IP applicant, if applicant had ip-banned and tried to new signup / login its using same IP (for applicant using proxy also checking with DNSBL), its will showed warning page (as screenshot).

  • UnderDogUnderDog Moderator

    Do you have multi-select so you can set multiple applicants to Spammer role?

  • yes, button in the bottom already for multiple select.

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