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Plugin localizations

BleistivtBleistivt MVP
edited June 2015 in Localization

I really @ozonorojo 's idea of just asking people on the forum to translate your plugin.

Most plugins introduce very few locale strings but would really benefit from being available in multiple languages.

Developers can post their locale files in this thread to ask for translations.

I'll just start with two of mine:

User facing strings from my UnsubscribeDiscussion plugin:

$Definition['Unsubscribe'] = 'Unsubscribe';
$Definition['Resubscribe'] = 'Resubscribe';
$Definition['You will no longer be notified about this discussion.'] = 'You will no longer be notified about this discussion.';
$Definition['You will receive new notifications about this discussion.'] = 'You will receive new notifications about this discussion.';

and a new plugin I couldn't upload yet.
(It mimics another discourse feature because I am a copycat.)

$Definition['%s days later'] = '%s days later';
$Definition['1 month later'] = '1 month later';
$Definition['%s months later'] = '%s months later';
$Definition['1 year later'] = '1 year later';
$Definition['%s years later'] = '%s years later';

I already have german translations for these.

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  • phreakphreak VanillaAPP - White label iOS and Android App MVP

    Love it! Wouldn't it be great to deliver a new translation via the plugin repository in the sense of "Add a translation to this plugin" that the author would receive via E-Mail or can accept and will be added to the package?

  • However it is done, having the community help in translating plugins can't be a bad idea. Also needed is the ability to give feedback and suggest changes, since it is impossible for plugin developers to assess the quality of translations. This is how it is already being done for the core with Transifex.

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