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Making Site Adjustments

I am using embedded SSO on my PHP (locally hosted) vanilla, I want to do this as outlined in the docs:

Unified user experience
In Vanilla, these optional configuration changes are possible:

  • Auto-connect to existing forum user accounts without prompting for a password (i.e. your SSO source is 100% trusted).
  • Disable all email sending in Vanilla.
  • Disable profile editing.
  • Redirect user profile links to another system.

I can't find where to do these things! is it in the .ini file or something I am missing? The above link in the docs clearly says you can do it but I can'f find where! Oh, I figured out the auto connect, just working on the other items.

Can I modify the way the emails Vanilla sends out look or what they say?

Any help is appreciated..


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    Thanks, Yes I had read those and all the online docs. I can't find where to do this anywhere, but I do find references to doing it.. (Look at the link I provided above, where it says these things can be done)

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    vrijvlindervrijvlinder Papillon-Sauvage MVP


    Explain it clearly than anything else.. read it several times until it sinks in.

    Most settings are done in the dashboard some go into the config.php and some in other files that have to do with the plugin or app or theme.

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    So how so I

    •Disable all email sending in Vanilla.
    •Redirect user profile links to another system

    I don't see that in the two threads - but I could be missing something!

    I'd also like to modify the email Vanilla sends, the wording, the logo included, etc.. how is this done?

    (I am new to this, bear with me if the answers to my questions go "unsaid") !

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    Oh, and thanks for the info, I have it fully integrated and re-skinned as outlined in the threads you pointed to..

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    vrijvlindervrijvlinder Papillon-Sauvage MVP

    •Redirect user profile links to another system

    ??? what does that mean ???

    If you want to restrict unsigned users of the forum from seeing the discussions or user's profile, there are plugins, like ForceRedirect plugin. And some other re-direct plugins.
    You can also re-direct using your htaccess file.

    •Disable all email sending in Vanilla.

    these are the options you can add to or change in the config.php

    $Configuration['Garden']['Email']['UseSmtp'] = FALSE;
    $Configuration['Garden']['Email']['SmtpHost'] = '';
    $Configuration['Garden']['Email']['SmtpUser'] = '';
    $Configuration['Garden']['Email']['SmtpPassword']= '';
    $Configuration['Garden']['Email']['SmtpPort'] = '25';
    $Configuration['Garden']['Email']['SmtpSecurity'] = ''; // ssl/tls
    $Configuration['Garden']['Email']['MimeType'] = 'text/plain'; // text/html if you want html in the email
    $Configuration['Garden']['Email']['SupportName'] = 'Support'; //name of your support department
    $Configuration['Garden']['Email']['SupportAddress']= ''; //email of support department

    These are User Preferences which can be superseded by the User pref pane

    $Configuration['Preferences']['Email']['ConversationMessage'] = '0';
    $Configuration['Preferences']['Email']['BookmarkComment'] = '0';
    $Configuration['Preferences']['Email']['ParticipateComment'] = '0';
    $Configuration['Preferences']['Email']['WallComment'] = '0';
    $Configuration['Preferences']['Email']['ActivityComment'] = '0';
    $Configuration['Preferences']['Email']['DiscussionComment'] = '0';
    $Configuration['Preferences']['Email']['Mention'] = '0';

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