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on edit-profile page, doesnt show information placed in $User.SignedIn.

Hello there,
I have small problem regarding user signedIn.
I have this code in default.master.tpl

{if $User.SignedIn}
{module name="MeModule"} ----- line-1
{signin_link} ----- line-2

This means when I am loggen in, loggedin informations (like notification, message, username, user image etc) shows (line-1). And when I am loggedout, loggedin buttons appears (line-2). Till this is fine.
The problem is:
When i go to 'edit profile' then it doesnt shows info. of line-1 insteed shows line-2 (with logout button). Line-2 should appear only when I am logged out right?

Can anyone help with this problem?

Thank you in advance.



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