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Email isn't sent at Vanilla 2.5 [RESOLVED]

This discussion is related to the Approval Email Notification addon.
Ivan_GurinIvan_Gurin Moscow
edited March 5 in Vanilla 2.5 Help

Email isn't sent at Vanilla 2.5

Can anyone to fix it?


  • CaylusCaylus ✭✭

    I'm assuming you can't access the settings page either? /settings/approvalemailsettings/?

    You need to add the following addon.json file:

       "description":"Sends an email when a new application for membership is received.",

    And change "class ApprovalEmailNotification extends Gdn_Plugin" to "class ApprovalEmailNotificationPlugin extends Gdn_Plugin" in default.php.

    Could you see if it works after you added some email adresses to that list?

  • Ivan_GurinIvan_Gurin Moscow
    edited March 5

    Yes, I couldn't see setting page. After your modification setting item for this plugin has appeared. And system sent message. Thanks. Now it works.

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