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Wordpress integration

xatanaelxatanael New
edited December 2018 in Vanilla 2.0 - 2.8


I would like to nicely integrate Vanilla in my wordpress blog.

I tried with 'vanilla forums' plugin, but it seems it doesn't work. I have the last versions of Vanilla and Wordpress.

How could I proceed?

Thank you very much in advance.


  • Hi, the plug-in should still work, but with some caveat. Reference this older blog post:

    Then for the caveat, see my SSO writeup.. there is a link to github there with a small needed fix to the plug-in:

    Then, if you get stuck on something specific.. comment here again. We can probably help with specific questions.

    lastly, When you say 'last versions', best to include version numbers.


  • Thank you very much for the help.

    I followed step by step the first link : Vanilla forum doesn't appear. But I don't have any error messages, as you can see here :

    I opened the second link, but I don't understand what the code means. I have 0 knowledge in coding or whatever :3

    Can you please help me? =)

    Thank you.

  • I have wordpress 4.9.8 and Vanilla 2.6.4 btw =)

  • Hi, judging by the console, looks like you are getting an error:

    A call to document.write() from an asynchronously-loaded external script was ignored. autoptimize_81c51df68b7d2f50ecac7377ac9824e7.js:54

    First, do you have some kind of cache plug-in installed on your WP site? Try deleting the cache, or disabling the cache plugin.

    I will admit that I currently don't have an embeded forum in a WordPress site using 2.6x... so it's possible there could be a bug. However, The WordPress plug-in does work for SSO and Widgets. Let me know on the above.. seems like an issue that can be resolved to me.


  • Oh, thanks, it works!

    I have 2 cache plugins : Cache Enabler and Autoptimize, and it was Autoptimize who cause problem. Now I have to find which setting in the plugin, because I would like to keep it...

    Anyway, thanks for great help !

  • Just another question : is it possible to make the fonts bigger? I find they are very small.. =)

  • I have another blog, and the display of the forum doesn't work on it... :

    I tried by disabling Cache Enabler, Autoptimize and WP-disable plugins, but it still doesn't work... :3

  • xatanaelxatanael New
    edited December 2018

    It works too.... I forgot to click on "embed" in the Vanilla's settings... shame on me O.o

    But last question : is it possible to create a 20 px space on the right and on the left side of the board? Because for now, the forum is 0 px from the borders...

  • R_JR_J Cheerleader & Troubleshooter Munich Moderator

    You should get comfortable with the web inspector tools of your browser since making quick css fixes is not very difficult.

    Take a look at the CSSEdit plugin for Vanilla which allows inserting CSS into your forum without the need to create your own theme.

    You can add something like body.Vanilla { margin: 0 20px }

  • xatanaelxatanael New
    edited December 2018

    It works, thank you ! Last one : can I create with this plugin a css and border color around the "categories" column, like you did on this forum? I find it more contrasted than white on white.

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