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After migration to 2.6.4 dashboard not full


I just migrated to 2.6.4 (from 2.3) - all seems to work, but forum layout is not right and dashboard does not work 'Fully'.
When I go to dashboard page for Layout or for addon, I see the same page

How can I fix this dashboard issue, so I could continue customizing my forum?


  • Also, when I click on the "Tagging" link under Discussion, I am getting following error message:

  • So I have done everything that is listed here:
    My front end appears to be working OK (except the layout) - that is I can post new discussions, view existing ones, etc.
    My dashboard is working just partially - some links work OK - for example I can access pages "Discussion\Categories" or "Discussion\Posting", but other pages just go to default screen (image in the first post of this discussion) and "Discussion\Tagging" link generates error as posted in the second post of this discussion.

    Please help me recover from this situation!

  • These specific issues dissapeared after I removed all files, and then copy files from provided installation and then added data to config.php file.

  • R_JR_J Cheerleader & Troubleshooter Munich Moderator

    You most probably had forgotten to delete the settingscontroller as described here

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