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After upgrade, my comments are no longer colored

I upgraded from 2.8.0 to 2.8.1 and have run into a few problems.

One strange problem is that the comments that I put are no longer colored differently from other users. It used to be that my comments were colored while all the other comments were white.

Do you know why that happened and how I might get that fixed back to how it was?

my forum is


  • And what is your handle on that forum, are you the admin?

  • Yes, I'm the admin. However, maybe I didn't explain. It used to be when I scrolled through a discussion where I commented, my comments would be highlighted. But only I saw the highlight. Other people wouldn't see my comments highlighted if they were signed in under their login or were not signed in.

    I installed Role Titles but it doesn't seem to do anything. Perhaps I there was some extra thing I was supposed to do.

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