How to Remove "/discussion/5/thread-title#latest" from permalink? Vanilla 3.x

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Hello, is there a way to change the permalink so that category pages can simply show without the "/discussion/#/thread-title#latest" in the permalink?

IE. "" rather than ""

Thank you!


  • and <---remove

  • At quick glance the OP sounds as though the issue was the hard-coded "#latest" in the link.

    But it appears what the OP wants is a more pretty URL: casting off the "discussion" slug from the url.

  • R_JR_J Cheerleader & Troubleshooter Munich Moderator

    This might get you started, but it is not exactly what you are looking for:

    What you cannot achieve is changing /discussion/123/need-help to simply /need-help. That's simply because there could be more than one discussion with that title and therefore you need the discussion id somehow. But since that all is pretty much hard coded, you will not get 100% results only 80% re-routes. Is it really worth it? How many people do you think type in the link to your discussions?

    Your discussion home page will either be .../discussions or .../categories and the other page will always show that slug. You can set the homepage in the dashboard (under Appearance => Layout)

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    I was wondering this also as it seems the 'discussion' slug isn't really needed and just takes up space in the URL. Is it possible to just remove that part of the path from the URL so it reads like this:

    I get you need the ID number, and it'd be possible to shorten 'discussion' down to a single letter but I think it'd be more presentable to simply get rid of it. Any thoughts?

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