Unable to create Hyperlinks in Discussions.

I am new to Vanilla, and using v3.3.

I have installed the software and set up some Categories and Discussions.

However, I am finding that I am unable to add hyperlinks to a Discussion’s text. Initially I used the default system, which seemed to be to click the little cog symbol, and select “Edit”. I then selected the relevant text and was given a selection of editing options including the hyperlink symbol. Clicking on the symbol offered the option to add the URL. This having been done I Saved the result, but found that the hyperlink was not showing on the text, nor functioning.

I then tried Installing and Enabling first Advanced Editor and then Rich Editor. On both occasions I re-launched the Forum software, but found exactly the same lack of success, and I am unable to see any reference to either Addon editor on the Edit Discussion page.

Clearly I am missing something. Cold someone enlighten me please?


  • what is your forum link?

  • ianw5555ianw5555 New
    edited March 19

    If you highlight the text you wish to become the link, then options will come up but Just did it with come, put your url in and hit enter

  • This is the link.

    Well, there you have it! I have just selected "This is the link" and inserted the URL of my Forum in the box that appears (see image). So why has the phrase not become a Hyperlink? I don't understand? Maybe it will become a link when I post it. Let's see.

  • No. It doesn't seem to have become a hyperlink. Ok. But this is happening on the vanillaforums.com forum. So the problem is not just about my forum. Could it be to do with my Browser?

  • you have to press enter before it turns to a link

  • KasparKaspar ✭✭
  • My Test.

    It works! Well, I'm delighted. I'm also surprised that I have come across no instruction on this small but important manoeuvre.

    Thank you ianw5555, and Kaspar.

    Just one supplementary question. I have Installed Enabled Rich Editor. But see no sign of it when I come to edit Discussions. Where is it hiding?

  • KasparKaspar ✭✭

    Discussions/comments created before enabling the rich editor will not show it.

  • Right. So now I have Rich Editor Enabled. I have Rich selected in "Post Format" under Posting on the Dashboard/Settings.

    Then I generate a Discussion and Save it. Then I go to the little cog and select Edit, and look for something about Rich Editor, but can't see it. Unless this is the Rich Editor:

    But I don't think it is. Is it?

    Thanks for your help.

  • It is, click on the black paragraph symbol and you will get more options.

  • KasparKaspar ✭✭

    You are using Rich Editor here.

    (If I am not mistaken OSS is currently on a 'beta' of the next version to come of VF)

  • Ok. I get it. Thanks again.

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