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Poll Extension for Vanilla 0.9.3



  • Ah.. No, I think I used a modified delegate after all. Sorry. It's one of the delegates from the Attachment extension:

    Open File: Vanilla.Control.DiscussionForm ================================================= Find on Line 97: $ResultDiscussion = $dm->SaveDiscussion($this->Discussion); Inset After: $this->DelegateParameters["ResultDiscussion"] = &$ResultDiscussion; $this->CallDelegate("PostSaveDiscussion");
  • Well I've been meaning to install the Attachment extension anyway...
  • Mark has commited these changes to the SVN:

  • edited December 2005
    Well I got that problem fixed, but the poll still wouldn't display when I looked at the thread.

    In the end I discovered that "$Comment->Body = $output.$Comment->Body;" wasn't doing anything, so I replaced it with "echo($output);" and everything worked.

    Now, to figure out why the attachment extension is having the same problem...
  • Bergamot: Hmm.. Odd. Is your snapshot of 0.9.3 old? The thing is, if you echo the output, it just appears at the top of the entire Discussion form. If you add it to the body of the comment, it'll appear inside the comment (just the first comment for Polls). I have no idea why it wouldn't work for you.
  • that poll extension is really good skyfex, but i do think that users shouldn't be able to change their vote each time they visit the topic.
  • Since when were people ever allowed to change their votes? It's not like you walk in on poll day, vote for someone, realise someone else is becoming more popular, and then go back and change yours?
  • I got it working; turns out it *was* my fault; I moved the comment options to after the body, and the delegate with it. Moving it back fixed it.

    I kind of like the vote changing, it keeps the results lively.
  • I could make changing your vote an option. But it's harder to not let the user change their vote than it is letting them do it, so I won't do it right now =P
  • Hi all,

    After seeing your poll extension I had to try 0.9.3 to install this. Being a compleet newbie to mysql, php and css it took me a litlle time to get it up and running, but I got it right now. Only problem: I can't get the poll working.

    I installed it in the extensions folder. renamed poll.php to default.php to get it recognized by vanilla. no problems until I try to open a discussion. then about 8 errors are reported starting with this one:

    Notice: Undefined index: Poll in on line 369

    the rest appear to be a result of this one

    Warning: Missing argument 2 for addselect() in on line 85

    Warning: Missing argument 4 for addwhere() in on line 114

    Warning: Missing argument 5 for addwhere() in on line 114

    Notice: Undefined index: DiscussionID in on line 115

    Notice: Undefined index: in on line 115

    Notice: Undefined index: = in on line 116

    Notice: Undefined index: in on line 116

    A fatal, non-recoverable error has occurred
    Technical information (for support personel):

    Error Message
    An error occured while getting the poll for this discussion.
    Affected Elements

    The error occurred on or near: You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near ''=.' limit 0, 1' at line 1

    any suggestions?
  • any one can send to me ?

    i cannot downloat it!

    much thx
  • Please, me to : ulrich.jr(at)

    Thank you :)
  • Any news about poll.extentsion for v1?
  • has the poll extension been updated for the latest vanilla release ? I doesn't give that indication on this dicussion but there appears to be an updated one in the addon
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