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Modifying Vanilla to support an existing external login system.

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Hi there,

I'm relatively new to vanilla, and i'm trying to modify it for use as a university department discussion forum.
What I am trying to do is change it so that it uses the existing uni login system, so that users don't have to log in separately to the forum, and instead it just logs them in automatically if they have an existing uni login in their session. However, I'm having trouble locating the portion of code in vanilla to change; Any suggestions as to where I should look, or good ways to go about implementing the system, would be appreciated. Thanks!


  • All user authentication is dealt with by the functions under the library/people folder. Most importantly the People.Authenticator class.
  • You can see mark did integrate vanilla with Wordpress:
  • Oooh, I want this (external SSO).

    How 'bout openID support?
    See and
  • There's a thread about that already...
  • TomTesterTomTester New
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    My apologies.
    (IMHO this calls for a cool add-on that suggests other threads related to a new discussion topic based on what you wrote)

    Here are the existing openID threads:
    Summary: Cool info and links (but missing some)
    Summary: Mark won't make it but you/we can.

    openID is quite nifty. It allows you to maintain your profiles in a central location and you can select which info is disclosed to each site.
    Your login consists of a URL, which will 'bounce' the openID-supported site/application to the where you host/maintain your identity.

  • MarkMark Vanilla Staff
    I don't want openid in the core, but I think we can make a pretty decent addon for it and I would include the add-on with the core release. Fair enough?
  • Did not mean to imply if should be in the core. Just want the add-on ;-)

    As Alig G. would say, RESPEC.......
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