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Vanilla's speed... help!

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I have installed Vanilla here and I am experiencing speed issues. It's pretty darn slow. BUT I have 20,000+ comments would that be doing it? if so what can I do to speed things up?


  • shortstat caused a massive slowdown out of the blue on my forum, id try turning off all your extensions and reanabling them one at a time.
  • mriannnnn: your site is VERY slow to open, but after that (right now) it works very fast.

    There's a TIMER add-on (not listed in add-on site) that may help you a little (though
    I'd really like even more granular reporting on timing to debug perfomance issues

  • Well if you bear in mind that this forum has over 4000 discussions and they all have 10+ comments each, 20k comments shouldnt be slowing stuff down for you. That depends ofcourse on what hardware your forum is running on as this is on a dedicated box. Presuming you were using some other forum software before with the same data set, vanilla should actually be quicker than most alternatives (besides punBB and a couple of others) so I'd second the idea for disabling extensions and seeing if any in particular slow it down.
  • Re: the "Show your support... Donate today" banner, 'threw' isn't the right word there. You're looking for 'through'.
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    ok I think things are little better now. but still a little slower then I hoped. :( oh and yeah I know about the "threw" but hehe ... it's not going to change any time soon as I lost the original photoshop file. :)
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    I was wrong. I have gone through total deactivation of addons and have activated all of them with the same mixed results. Is there a log that anyone can suggest I look at? I would like to pinpoint this as I really like this Vanilla and can't go back to phpBB.
  • I think the speed is acceptable, certainly not worth losing sleep over.
    That spelling goof in the header on the other hand would really rot my socks! pic

  • HAHAHAHAH oh man you even linked directly to the image! ok ok I'll try to get it fixed. I'll look around for the psd file.
  • You forum is very slow, but I don't think it come from vanilla.

    To see a discussion, I had to wait something like 5 sec for the page start to appear but the timer addon tell:
    "The page was delivered in 0.3786 seconds"

    0.38 second to render the html page is ok. The problem come from something else. Your hosting plan doesn't fit your needs or an other website use too much resources on your server.

    You should ask your provider to look at it.
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    Ouch:The page was delivered in 220.2947 seconds
  • I would say the problem are the many CSS and JS files.
  • This perplexes me as I have ad much more complex PHP software on this server and I did not have any problems with it. blue: You have the same amount of JS and CSS files being loaded and you are not having this issue. I have even deactivated my AD space and it still made no difference. :( What about the DB side should I index it or something. While I am somewhat familiar on how to do this I do nto want to reinvent the wheel if a member of the community has done it first.
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    The db is already indexed, or should be. The index are created with the installation.

    Does it matter if you convert the db from phpbb? What the converter do?

    Anyway, would it explain why (when the cache is empty) we have to wait 10 seconds to get blue background of the header?
  • I think I increased the memory alotted to sql on my server and that made a difference, but mine was slow when displaying database stuff(comments, discussions).
  • Again, it's not that slow for me right now (0.4 seconds), but... a tool to track *in detail* where most time is spent in the generation of a page would be most welcome (e.g. tie start/end of evey add-on, etc.).
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    Here a graph of a 12,6 seconds loading (that is ok) - with cache empty (made with the Tamper Data plug-in):

    Image Hosted by
  • About the indexes, here the ones that you should have by default after installation:
    ALTER TABLE `LUM_CategoryBlock` ADD KEY `cat_block_user` (`UserID`); ALTER TABLE `LUM_CategoryRoleBlock` ADD KEY `cat_roleblock_cat` (`CategoryID`), ADD KEY `cat_roleblock_role` (`RoleID`); ALTER TABLE `LUM_Comment` ADD KEY `comment_user` (`AuthUserID`), ADD KEY `comment_whisper` (`WhisperUserID`), ADD KEY `comment_discussion` (`DiscussionID`); ALTER TABLE `LUM_Discussion` ADD KEY `discussion_user` (`AuthUserID`), ADD KEY `discussion_whisperuser` (`WhisperUserID`), ADD KEY `discussion_first` (`FirstCommentID`), ADD KEY `discussion_last` (`LastUserID`), ADD KEY `discussion_category` (`CategoryID`), ADD KEY `discussion_dateactive` (`DateLastActive`); ALTER TABLE `LUM_DiscussionUserWhisperFrom` ADD KEY `discussion_user_whisper_lastuser` (`LastUserID`), ADD KEY `discussion_user_whisper_lastactive` (`DateLastActive`); ALTER TABLE `LUM_DiscussionUserWhisperTo` ADD KEY `discussion_user_whisperto_lastuser` (`LastUserID`), ADD KEY `discussion_user_whisperto_lastactive` (`DateLastActive`); ALTER TABLE `LUM_User` ADD KEY `user_role` (`RoleID`), ADD KEY `user_style` (`StyleID`), ADD KEY `user_name` (`Name`); ALTER TABLE `LUM_UserRoleHistory` Add KEY `UserID` (`UserID`);
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    Dino... wow, nice plugin (never heard about it).

    Delay caused by a plugin is a function of code, size of the graphics/css (data sent/received), speed/quality of connection & server.

    The Tamper Data (firefox) plugin captures only the external part of the data but timing delays inherent to the nature of the internet make it difficult to draw absolute conclusions.
    Something similar on the back-end (i.e. INSIDE vanilla) timing plugins, data access, etc would be very useful when optimizing for speed. Any PHP/mySQL tools you could recommend?
  • I found it reading the Simon Willison's blog: For inside vanilla, there is the timer addon. If you compare the Timer addon result with Tamper Data result, you should know if the problem is on the php/mysql side or on the server/internet side.
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    One more note: highly recommend the 'firebug' add-on for Firefox for timing overview & more.
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