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does anyone have all the iconbuffet icons?

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ok, i'm a fan of iconbuffet and a designer, so if anyone has the collection of free icons, or at least quite a few of them, PLLLLEEEAAASSSEEE whisper me so i can get some for my new program.

Thanking anyone who helps me :D


  • If they're free, perhaps they could just post a public link? If bandwidth is an issue I'll be willing to host them as I have spare b/w.
  • the couple of sets i'm interested in is in the subscription sets, and they're only available to people who have subscribed, and they were sent out quite a while ago so i missed them and i need to get someone else to port them to me. If you need my email just check my account details ;)
  • I've only got: Manhattan Tech Toys Pumpkin Eve 1 Shanghai Tech So if anyone has any others then I'd love them to be delivered to me. My email is [email protected] -- if you have got any of the above then I can deliver them to you btw.
  • Add me to the list ;) lukescammell .AT. gmail .DOT. com
  • I got them all, except for 2-3 delieveries that ran out. It took little more than a weekend on the forum. http://iconbuffet.com/forum/comments.php?DiscussionID=2719 Anyway, I will send offers, (whisper what you want) but you must share among yourselves :-)
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    Ok guys I have all of them except the following now: Groom Lake Invasion Helsinki Hi-Fi Shanghai Tech Vector I'll send all 53 I have now to Stash so if anyone wants any that I have (everything except the above) then whisper me or Stash. Also if anyone has any of the above can you send them to [email protected]? I'd appreciate it! Cheers!
  • Vincent: What do you need? or are you already whispering it out with someone?
  • I will trade Shanghai Tech Vector for Manhattan Tech Toys :-)
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    Oops forgot to send that to you.. it's sent to your email in your profile :) I now only need Groom Lake Invasion and Helsinki Hi-Fi :) I just Helsink Hi-Fi from the iconbuffet forums. heh.
  • Nevermind just got them all now :) I've sent the ones I was missing to Stash so he has the whole collection. Wallphone what ones are you missing now?
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    I got them all. Mucho Gracias. Now if only Vincent would return, hes missing all the fun. ;-)
  • I'm surprised no one has copped out yet and uploaded the whole god damn lot by yousendit.
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    yo guys, i was asleep so missed it :(

    could ya send all of em to vinc2god [at{ gmail dotty com ?
  • Ok on their way now :D
  • aaa, my mailbox is overflowing!!!! WOOT

    thx man
    edited January 2007
    heh no problems :) You should have them all now.
  • Could you send all to me at carnold5 .AT][ gmail [[DOT (com Many thanks
  • send to me too please... navvvv [at] gmail.com
  • y2kbugger A***T gmail D**O**T C**O**M please

    thanks !!!

  • How big is the pack? I dont mind hosting it for a while...could get tedious emailing tons of people with it.
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