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extended user information

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I'm new to Vanilla so please bear with me for a sec. I just migrated a whole forum from proboards to a vanilla install and just can't seem to duplicate some functionality. - It's a really close knit community where we like to give a shout when it's someone's B'day so I need to find a way to include B'day dates as part of the user info automatically. - gender: We used to have a "ladies only" lounge where only ladies were allowed and that category was password protected. I figured I can use the multiple roles extension to replicate that (unless there's an easier way to just password protect the category). So I need to reliable way to get people gender and display it. How hard would it be to write an extension that allows you to ask for specific information from users ( 2 or 3 extra labels) and display them with user info on the side bar.


  • You are able to set up a "Ladies Only" category with an associated "Role & Permission" out of the box.

    This way, unauthorized people will not even see the category.
  • You should also checkout the predefined attributes extension.
  • - yes.. the predefined attributes extension seems to be what i need. I'll install it and try to find a way where it shows up on the sidebar with something like "today's Birthday:...." . That shouldn't be too hard I think.. - I was thinking about a straight up "ladies only" role but it wouldn't work for the structure of the forum... multiple roles will work a bit better for this. thanks guys
  • Just wondering if you ever managed to get the Today's Birthday functionality working...
  • no.. I haven't had time to deal with it.

    I've decided to move from vanilla to punBB or SMF once i figure out how to migrate. I'll keep vanilla as a my favourite forum software for tech stuff and new communities but it's had to get people to change their habits.
  • Yeah, I kind of wish I knew about Vanilla before I got my users accustomed to SMF. Although, then I wouldn't appreciate Vanilla as much ;)
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