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Latest Discussions Prime



  • edited December 2006
    Doesn't work for me, I got this message:

    Fatal error: Cannot redeclare latestdiscussions_addfilters() (previously declared in /home/.inkus/holidayp/ in /home/.inkus/holidayp/ on line 40

    Can't see what the problem could be and now I can't access my forum at all!

    Not good!
  • It seems as you have a conflict between extensions LatestDiscusssionsPrime and DiscussionFilters. Both of them use the same function.
    So, you have to disabled one of them.
  • Disabled them, deleted them, and cleared my cache but still problem exists!

  • B*ll*kcs! Looks like I'm going to have to reinstal unless the add-on author can shed some light on this for me?
  • PolPol
    edited December 2006
    That's very odd. My forum uses Latest Discussions Prime alongside Discussion Filters with no problems, and I checked the Discussion Filters code, and it definitely does not declare a function of that name. The fact that they both say Line 40 suggests that your copy of Discussion Filters might have accidentally gotten replaced with a duplicate of Latest Discussions Prime. Have you checked on that?
  • Just for the record, to 'delete' the extensions you also need to remove their references from conf/settings.php which will stop vanilla using them. It's very rare to have to reinstall your whole forum.

    Pol's comment seems pretty realistic, though.
  • edited December 2006
    Cheers mini, you'll be pleased to know I figured that out (about the reference in the conf, although it's the extensions.php file rather than settings)

    Anyway, now I know how to remedy the situation I'll have another bang at it ;-)
  • Hah, I always mix those 2 up. :)
  • Shame there isn't a simple version of this that just outputs the 5 last modified discussions :(
  • fmimosofmimoso
    edited September 2008
    Any idea on how to remove the stickies from the list?

    Thanks. :)
  • Any idea on how to remove the stickies from the list?

    I was able to do this by modifying the "default.php" file in the Latest Discussions Prime extension directory. I added the following three pieces of code:
    • First, beneath the other dictionary entries near the top of the file:

      $Context->Dictionary['LatestDiscussionsNotIncludeSticky'] = 'Don\'t include Stickied discussions';
    • Second, just beneath the block of code that starts "if ($D->Context->Session->User->Preference('LatestDiscussionsOnlyShowMine'))":

      if ($D->Context->Session->User->Preference('LatestDiscussionsNotIncludeSticky')) {
      $s->AddJoin('Discussion', 'di', 'DiscussionID', 't', 'DiscussionID', 'left join');
      $s->AddWhere('di', 'Sticky', '', '1', '<>');
    • Finally, in the block of code that calls the "Addpreferences":

      $PreferencesForm->AddPreference('LatestDiscussionsPrefs', 'LatestDiscussionsNotIncludeSticky', 'LatestDiscussionsNotIncludeSticky', 0);
    This completely removes sticky discussions from the panel list.

    (NOTE: I'm still looking for a good way for this list to update automatically on a regular basis using AJAX. Any help appreciated.)
  • stickies from the list?

    I would like to make this the default instead of user selectable?

    Is that possible?

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