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Hyperlinks n such

edited December 2008 in Vanilla 1.0 Help
I'm new to this and unlike many of you, I'm not a programmer. From what I've read here, Vanilla should automatically make a hyperlink when you type in the url...? Is that correct? Mine doesn't. So I poked around here looking for answers and found " Extended Text Formatter" . I put that in and enabled it but still no hyperlink. I apologize if you have to address this one every time some new guy logs on...but any help is much appreciated! Thanks!


  • Vanilla isn't supposed to automatically create links, no.
    As for the Extended Text Formatter, hopefully someone else can help you with that as I'm not familiar with it.
    It's no problem to ask any questions, it's what we are here for. Welcome to the Vanilla community :)
  • Thanks SubJunk. It's working now after including http://
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