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Summer_is_good New

5/3/2018 Still cant be friend with my roommates. I start to feel tired and frustrated. I really really want to be friend with them and hang out with them. How come it is so hard. I miss last year and all my old roommates. Is it my problems? I dont know. I have to improve my English. I should not just let myself feel upset. I should find a way to solve it. Right now they are just outside and start to chat with them? There are so many people now. I feel shy and scared. I dont know how to start the topical. No-one can help me or teach me how to do in this situation. The only person can help is myself. oh my god..............................


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  • 27/2/2018

    As a international student with the poor English , its hard to make friend with other. I dont want to make any friend with someone who speak same language with me. It sounds insane because I paid a lot to study oversea for learning Aussie culture. My new roommates treat me not really good. They dont have patient to chat with me. I am struggling to chat with them. My old roommate said they are so mean to me and I should not treat them good. I still have a whole year to live with them. I just want to have a comfort relationship with them. How come it is so hard. I am happy that no one see my post here cuz no one can recognize who am I. I can type whatever I like.

    February 27
  • I am the international student and studying in Australia now. I have been here already one year but my English is still so shit. Maybe I can chat with others about daily but I cant chat with them in deep because I don't really understand those English words and then they will start to feel tired to chat with me. I feel upset especially when I cant communicate with them. I push myself a lot such as keep watching English movie, get more friends who speak in English. No one understand my feeling. All of my Hong Kong friends think I have a pretty good life because I am studying oversea. People here think I am not cool enough and I cant communicate with them. I dont know who can I tell about my feeling. I dont even know can anyone see this post but at least I feel a bit released after I type this post. I want to cheer up myself here. Keep going! Never give up

    February 25