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Update for critical security issue in PHPMailer included in release Vanilla 2.3.1

hgtonight · ∞ · New · Moderator

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Moderator, Developer, Community Developers
United States of America


  • hgtonight earned the Fifth Anniversary badge.
    Thanks for sticking with us for 5 years.
    August 21
  • hgtonight was promoted to Moderator.
    May 4
  • ThemeSteam

    Hi Bro, Please update YAGA for PHP 7 , Many Thanks

    November 2016
  • misantropist

    you online ?

    October 2016
  • dmsinger

    YAGA reads awesome. Do you have a sample/screenshots? Would love to visualize it.

    September 2016
  • data66

    YAGA is AWESOME! Just had to pop in here and say that. I believe it is your app. :)

    July 2016
    • data66
      Tried to send you a beer but Paypal keeps throwing an error on it.
    • hgtonight
      @data66 Glad you like Yaga. Is the donate button on the settings page what threw the error?
  • hgtonight earned the Fourth Anniversary badge.
    Thanks for sticking with us for 4 years.
    June 2016
  • hgtonight added the Auto Bury addon.
    Automatically buries comments and discussions, preventing them from being shown.
    April 2016
  • hgtonight added the Draft Sweeper addon.
    A plugin that adds a link to sweep all drafts from the system, per user.
    April 2016
  • joriun777

    thanks for YAGA <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

    March 2016
  • subdreamer

    Thank you so much for making and updating YAGA! <3

    February 2016
  • dominikl

    Hi hgtonight, In the Thread /13547/sorting-discussions-by-votes you gave an answer on how to sort the discussion by votes, by changing a file. As I am new to vanilla I don´t know what file I need to edit. Thanks in advance.

    December 2015
  • Breaker

    Ahh I see.If i change the Role/group a category belongs to, does the category tree need to be rebuilt to reflect the changes or is it good as it is?

    December 2015
    • hgtonight
      Categories don't belong to roles or groups. Categories __can__ have custom permissions. Roles can have those custom permissions.

      You shouldn't have to rebuild the tree during normal admin operations.
  • steam

    Hi hgtonight,

    Do you know why I reach limit posting on discussion by sending two messages ?

    I have all day this message - Your comment will appear after it is approved.

    On this discussion - /discussion/comment/231378

    When will be approved ? Did I do something wrong?


    July 2015
  • hgtonight added the Print Link addon.
    Adds a link to print a discussion with a CSS file designed for printing.
    July 2015
  • qiyin

    great! Thanks for contributing to the community!

    June 2015
  • Gonxo


    maybe this is a little bit inadequated but I want to ask you if you know or have a clue how to implement a parallax in my theme.

    Thank you for any insight. :)

    June 2015
    • hgtonight
      I am not a great person to ask. I would just google it.

      @vrijvlinder may be able to help.
  • hgtonight earned the Third Anniversary badge.
    Thanks for sticking with us for 3 years.
    June 2015
  • This is an activity!

    May 2015
  • Deprecatedz

    Thanks for YAGA dude. <3

    May 2015
  • Jonathan W

    Thank you for all you do for Vanilla Forums! I was looking for someone to help point me in the right direction for something specific. I'd like to give authors of discussions the ability to moderate their own discussion threads. Either hide specific comments, or ban a user from that thread entirely - hiding all of that user's comments in the process. I wanted them hidden though, so abuse can be spotted and reviewed.

    Have you heard of a plug-in similar to this, or are there any examples that you know of that will help me in developing one? I'm familiar with PHP and JavaScript, just not the APIs for Vanilla Forums.

    April 2015
    • hgtonight
      I will follow up on your discussion here: http://vanillaforums.org/discussion/29690/allow-author-to-moderate-discussion
  • Sicnus

    Thanks btw for your kind responses and trying to help. Headed off to bed. I'll check things in the morning. I went to: $mysite.com/discussions/user and it didn't show anything but perhaps you meant: $mysite.com/discussions/$user


    Sleepy times for me!

    January 2015
    • hgtonight
      I actually meant forums.example.com/user
  • hgtonight added the Data Generator addon.
    Generates data for Vanilla. An evolution of Example Data by @R_J.
    January 2015
  • provides an interface to add arbitrary fields to discussions via the dashboard.
    December 2014
  • hgtonight earned the Storytime badge.
    You've contributed valuable, concise user stories to a feature discussion.
    September 2014
  • Adds user selectable featured badges shown on their profile page and author meta.
    September 2014
  • hgtonight added the Admin Mode addon.
    Puts the site into administrator mode. Any user without the `Garden.Settings.Manage` permission will be unable to use the site.
    July 2014
  • hgtonight was promoted to Moderator.
    July 2014
  • Adds the User Rank to the author meta on discussions.
    June 2014
  • hgtonight added the Role Protect addon.
    Adds the ability to lock roles, disallowing them from being added or removed by any user with `Garden.Roles.Selective` permissions.
    April 2014