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  • Re: pn.js

    @River said:
    from the docs....

    While PluginInfo and ThemeInfo declarations are deprecated, they will still be supported for some time. Aside from the syntax differences between JSON and PHP, the structure and key names are very simple.

    although the other tips are helpful for the future and may fix things for it to work for third party themes.

    The docs may say that it's still supported, but that's not my experience up until now. With addon.json plugins work, without them plugins that worked fine in 2.3 fail in 2.5 (at least in my specific setup).

    Was fun figuring that out, I can tell you that /sarcasm.

    The "page not found error" when onefifty tries to access http://forum/plugin/privacynotice is due to the plugin not being recognized, and therefore plugincontroller_privacynotice_create doesn't fire.

    Somehow the plugin seems enabled but does jack shit.

    I'm pretty sure that if onefifty updates the plugin as I mentioned in my previous post it will work for them.

  • Re: pn.js

    The Page Not Found error is a symptom from using Vanilla 2.5 and the plugin isn't compatible.

    You have to create a file "addon.json" in the directory plugins/PrivacyNotice, with these contents:

       "description":"Adds a Privacy Notice popup and Page. Puts a Privacy Link on the menu which opens in a popup but can also be accessed via opening a new window. Based on peregrine's ExtraPage",
       "license":"GNU GPL2",
        "authors": [{"name":"VrijVlinder"}]

    You also have to rename "default.php" to "class.PrivacyNotice.php" (I think capitalization matters)

    That does the trick for me.

  • Re: Notifications going to forum URL, not Embed URL

    Hey Donovanb,

    Could you try setting $Configuration['Garden']['ExternalUrlFormat'] to something like ""?

    I believe the key lies in the externalUrl function in \library\core\functions.general.php, that contains this snippet:

        function externalUrl($path) {
            $urlFormat = c('Garden.ExternalUrlFormat');
            if ($urlFormat && !isUrl($path)) {
                $result = sprintf($urlFormat, ltrim($path, '/'));
            } elseif (stringBeginsWith($path, '//')) {
                $result = Gdn::request()->scheme().':'.$path;
            } else {
                $result = Url($path, true);
            return $result;
  • Re: Unable to access any module post upgrade to 2.5.1

    I had somewhat the same problem.

    You have to delete /applications/vanilla/controllers/class.settingscontroller.php if you're upgrading from <2.4.

  • Re: Footer Logo & Mobile Theme

    @tzane said:
    Anyone can [snip] redo the css.

    I find it ironic that you say anyone can do it and yet you have trouble customizing your website. I also find it ironic that you're calling people emotional while you're the one throwing a tantrum because a company is selling a product and not giving it away for free.

    Moving to a more constructive comment: Vanilla is very customizable. Documentation on how to customize it could be better, I would agree with that. But on the flipside, I've known the people on this forum to be very helpful as long as you show that a) you understand it's a free product, b) you have a clear goal in mind what you want to do, c) you show you follow instructions you were given to the best of your ability.

    Vrijvlinder is the resident theme wizard around here. I'd recommend walking away for a day to cool down, trying to apologize for flying off the handle, and seeing if you can get some help with customizing your theme to suit your needs.

    Here's some CSS to hide the Vanilla icon, that's as far as my personal skills with themes go: