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  • Members List Enhanced Plugin - IP Addresses not showing up properly with Vanilla 2.5.1

    I just upgraded to Vanilla 2.5.1 and switched to PHP 7.2. I have the latest v6.6 of Members List Enhanced plugin. I found that the plugin is not showing the IP addresses correctly. See the screenshot below. I also noticed that clicking on the column headers doesn't sort the rows by that column.

  • Re: Pocket add-on HTML is being stripped out

    Issue Resolved!

    I updated the Pockets plugin to v1.2 from Vanilla add-ons page and it's working fine now.

    It still remains a mystery as to why v1.1.2 is working correctly on my old host but not working on the new host.

    Thanks for your help and attention.

  • Re: Members List Enhanced Plugin - how do I access this?

    Oh, I got it now! Thank you so much.

    I see the "Members" link on the home page's menu. I was looking for it in the dashboard. I guess it would be good to add this to the Readme.

  • Re: Issue with permissions and roles

    Had another case where a bot managed to by-pass "approval" and become a member. Refer to the screenshot below:

    I think I've kinda figured out what's going on.

    My test registration was in "Approval" role because I didn't approve it, and I didn't confirm the email either. Then I went ahead and confirmed the email, but didn't approve it. Now the status of the test account changed to Member, and the approval request disappeared from my Approval queue automatically. So, it means that there are 2 ways to become a member - either the user confirms the email or the admin approves the request. I wasn't aware of this. I thought both had to be done for a user to become a member.

    I'm going to turn off the email confirmation and go just with the "Approval" part. Hopefully that will take care of the issue. I'll report back the status again in couple days.

    Thanks again.

  • Re: Vanilla Reactions and Badges - Would you buy it?


    I'm relatively new here, and I'm not sure whether you are "affiliated" with Vanilla. But you do sound so. Maybe a little disclosure would help here.

    Are you saying that Vanilla has a choice, but we don't have a choice? We can't have a right to our opinion? We don't have a right to be disappointed? Disappointment isn't necessarily a negative thing. We can convert that into positive energy and create something even better than what Vanilla has.

    I'm just expressing my opinion. I don't think I have been disrespectful to anyone. But if difference of opinion is disrespect to anyone, then I can't help it.

    BTW, I did not understand the context when you said "all clear from Todd" and "flexibility to do it".