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  • Re: websites using Vanilla?

    This is our companies latest vanilla install.. (v2.3.1).. funding supported by ad placement as well as well as paid subscribers. It involved porting 5K+ users and 10's of thousands of posts from a really old forum in joomla, which turned out to be a multi-step solution to get the porter to work.

    It is SSO enabled and uses the old bootstrap theme.

    Since it uses the wordpress plug-in, some of the fun profile stuff is disabled. I still have to get my head around how to allow signatures, etc. in this environment. The design, though functional and responsive, is a bit bland at this point. I'll be refining the design as well as adding elements such as stats and social media in the future.


  • Re: Why did you choose Vanilla ?

    1.) Open Source
    2.) Single Sign On
    (ie. WordPress plug-in and Custom JS connect (would like SAML2))
    3.) Embed (able)
    4.) Portability (from other forum platforms)

    Being a full stack developer, I am torn with the simplicity of this forum. On one hand, I appreciate not needing to know how exactly things are working to get it to work, but on the other, I'm leery of not having to delve into the exact mechanics... It's perhaps good therapy for me. :-) Ultimately, I appreciate good UI and UX, which I think Vanilla has over many other forums.

    I'm in a (fairly recent) position of needing to create / manage quite a few forums, so I researched quite a few platforms over the last couple years. For those reasons above, I came upon Vanilla. However, I think what put me over the final line with choosing the platform was the familiarity with the MVC format. I had just built my first site using the CodeIgniter framework ( Vanilla uses some similar concepts.

    Oh, and yes, the forum users.. can't forget the help you get from the forum. :awesome:

  • Re: Administrator not getting dashboard permissions

    Solved. My issue was a result of using the Porter, which created all new roles based off the other forums roles.. it just so happened that the other forum had an 'Administrator' Role as well and I didn't catch it right away because it was named the same as Vanilla's Administrator role... anyway, I had to reset it's default type and all the category perms.... working now.

  • Re: Links - Best Practice w/ Embeded Forum

    vrijvlinder.. that's a "why didn't I think of that" moment... Good idea.


    @vrijvlinder said:
    If what you want is to make all links open in the parent window, you can use jQuery to add the target = _parent to all links that are posted .

        $( "a" ).attr( "target", "_parent" );

    If you want to only affect the links in the comments,

        $( ".Comment a" ).attr( "target", "_parent" );
  • Re: Vanilla WordPress External Identity Provider (IDP) and SSO - RFC

    Though I made a request to make vanilla's SAML Addon open source, I've got this working quite well using jsconnect and vanilla's wordpress plugin. There are some tricks when using vanilla with a simplesamle IDP that has it's own authentication app, such as in single sign out redirects and sign-in URL's.. but I am proof it's possible.

    I'm updating this thread in the case that anyone needs help with this sort of setup... I'm happy to offer what I know.

    Maybe this will all change when / if vanilla starts releases it's newer versions as stable open-source releases... but for now, I have a roadmap for what I have described above using v 2.3.1