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  • Latest premium theme for Vanilla forums: Nexus!

    It's been a while since I've released a new premium theme for Vanilla forums, but seeing as I'm the only one who puts anything up on for Vanilla (there have been a few others, but eventually they all mysteriously disappear), I figured I owed the community another theme. I've had some free time lately and after updating Ozone for Vanilla 2.1, and running out of ideas for Silicon 2.1, I decided to take a break and throw together a brand new theme (now that it's done, I'm back to working on Silicon, so don't worry ;) ). This theme I've called Nexus:

    Nexus is a color-intense responsive theme featuring beautiful CSS animations and an inspiring flat design. It comes in five different colors (will likely next add white and grey versions) and it's got some really gorgeous design elements. Check it out, I think you'll like it.


    See the live preview here:


  • Re: New Premium Theme: Silicon!

    Hello everyone!

    Just thought I'd give a quick update on my progress in updating Silicon for Vanilla 2.1. It's been a slow and difficult process as I've had to rebuild the CSS from scratch (that'll teach me to make a theme by modifying style.css :( ). The plus side is I've redesigned and improved a great deal of the theme and think the new version will be much, much better. It will also be responsive out of the gate.

    I have an early preview screenshot for you, and will eventually have a live preview forum that you can explore:


  • Vanilla API and authentication

    I'm currently using the built-in Vanilla open source API (in version 2.0.18) to retrieve a list of recent discussions via /index.php?p=/discussions.json

    However, I'd also like to retrieve unread counts for the user, but to do this I'd need to establish a session. I have the user's username and password, because they authenticate via basic HTTP auth using the same credentials that are used to login to our Vanilla instance.

    I keep seeing posts on the community forums suggesting that this might be possible with Vanilla's built-in API; however, I can find no documentation at all as to its capabilities. For example, on the open source documentation page here on, the Vanilla API section redirects to the .com site:

    ...which obviously isn't useful for me. On that page it does say "Vanilla has had a read-only ReSTful API for some time," but again, gives no documentation. That page only seems to describe the capabilities of the "Simple API" plugin, which I assume is commercial-only.

    Anyone know how Vanilla's read-only REST API works, or know where I can find documentation on it? Does "read-only" imply I won't be able to authenticate users?