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  • Re: How i can use Memcached with Vanilla forum ?

    Quite often, I find that the 'support' that is provided from can be appallingly bad.

    Anyhow, I dug through the code at Github to find the correct configuration for using memcached with Vanilla.

    $Configuration['Cache']['Enabled'] = TRUE; $Configuration['Cache']['Method'] = 'memcached'; $Configuration['memcached']['Store'] = 'localhost';

    Perhaps my Googling skills are poor, but I haven't seen this mentioned anywhere. Hopefully this is of use to someone.

  • Re: Strange Imgur Embedding Behavior with Mediator


    The reason, I'm guessing, is that the hash used for a gallery is not unique, and if an image is uploaded and the same hash assigned, this will update the hash to point at the image and not the gallery.

    So in this unfortunate case, the gallery hash was re-directed to a newly uploaded pornographic image.

    To explain better:

    A gallery can have the hash ABCDEF
    an image can also have the hash ABCDEF

    When the gallery was linked to, an image with hash ABCDEF was not uploaded.

    Some time later, someone uploaded an image, and a hash of ABCDEF was assigned. This image happened to be gay-porn.

    Mediator asked for an image of hash ABCDEF, and instead of returning the gallery's image, imgur gave the gay-porn image.

    It's just a case of bad luck, I wouldn't worry about it.

  • Re: How does it work? (¿Como funciona?)

    Sorry, I meant $Configuration['Garden']['Format']['YouTube'] = FALSE;

  • Re: How i can use Memcached with Vanilla forum ?

    I appreciate the work and help available, I am just referring to this "Google search tip" which simply does not help. Being all authoritative does not tend to be helpful, and while I don't participate in the community, this isn't the first time I've noticed this.

    It's easy to back developers by simply saying that this software is 'available for free' which is true, but it's also true that the open source front isn't merely a favour. It's for the good of both user and developer.

    I also did make the mistake of thinking UnderDog as an employee/developer for Vanilla, which triggered the comment earlier. Sorry about that.

    I apologise for offending anyone.