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  • Re: add custom class VanillaHtmlFormatter

    @Caylus Thks, work perfect

             * @param Container $container
            public function container_init_handler($container) {
  • Re: resize image before upload ?

  • Re: Hover over reactions?

    @kryan1990 said:
    Is there a way to edit on my forum where the reaction buttons are always visible.
    Right now you have to hover over them for them to show so half my users dont even see the buttons. Is this something I have to edit in the code or an easy fix in my dashboard?

    That's very simple, check the permissions of the Plugin, in each of its roles, and check the option see in Yaga Reactions.


  • Re: Test Vanilla 2.5a2

    Hi, I am currently testing both versions Version 2.3.1, 2.4b1 and 2.5a2:

    Version 2.3.1: Currently running.

    • Install Simple.
    • Users: 400 Discussion: 61 Conversation: 6.140. 150K Visit 2K Concurrent visits at critical times - Server

    • Themes y Plugins Work.

    Version 2.4b1: (Test 1).

    • Install Simple.
    • Use Database 2.3.1, the migration between versions is quite simple.
    • Themes Bootstrap Work.
    • Plugins Work.
    • Awesome Control Panel.
    • Testing some details to get it running.

    Version 2.5a2: (Test 2).

    • Install Simple.
    • Use Database 2.3.1, the migration between versions is quite simple.
    • Themes Bootstrap Work.
    • Automatic cache removal works great on themes and plugins.
    • Some Plugins give JS console error.

    If I am wrong in the number of the version is 2.5.a2, if they can edit the title would be great, I like the new version the new api that will bring with it, the idea is to go testing and checking what works and what things need to be modified to adapt the forums and help the developers to find a bug, however they do code testing, there are always errors, and thank you for the work,


  • Re: Pockets Panel Position Index

    @vrijvlinder @r_j

    It is extremely simple, with the widgets module, and this we can have all the modules in an orderly way and with the permissions as if it were a plugin

    Config Widget Plugin: default.php:

    $PluginInfo['Widgets'] = array(
         'Name' => 'Widgets',
         'Description' => "This plugin adds modules/widgets you create to the panel . ",
         'Version' => '1.1',
         'RegisterPermissions' => array('Plugins.Widgets.Twitter.View', 'Plugins.Widgets.Facebook.View', 
         'Plugins.Widgets.Youtube.View'), ---> Permissions Modules Widgets.
         'Author' => "VrijVlinder",
         'AuthorEmail' => '',
         'AuthorUrl' => ""

    // Check Permissions: class.twittermodule.php

    public function AssetTarget() {
        $Session = Gdn::Session();
        if ($Session->CheckPermission('Plugins.Widgets.Twitter.View')) {
            return 'Panel';

    Thank you very much indeed, I hope you can modify your plugin so that more people can see it and learn more about Vanilla Forum, that's what makes free software really powerful when they are well thought out.