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Update for critical security issue in PHPMailer included in release Vanilla 2.3.1

vrijvlinder · Papillon-Sauvage · MVP


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  • Re: 2 Part Question 2.3.1

    @donovanb said:
    @vrijvlinder, if you have a data authority other than vanilla (in an SSO situation), you may not want the user to be able to edit that info... rather you may want them to require the email / username of the data of authority.

    Using SSO the name and email are from the connector, even if you changed your name and email in vanilla, the next time you connect it will use the one from the connector again.

    For example, if I log in with Facebook into this forum, my name and photo and email, will be the one from Facebook.

    User names can only be changed by the admin or person with permissions in this forum. It can be done in your forum too.

    To not allow editing email, photo, username.. add these to the config.php

  • Re: Automatically creating upload folders?

    @keltwookie said:
    Many thanks, I will. To be honest, I was a bit astonished by vrijvlinder’s answer. This kind of >reply could discourage any newcomer, but maybe I have too much old habits. I always thought >« open source » was synonymous of « sharing knowledge ». but I could be wrong.

    Sharing Knowledge is not the same as Teaching someone from step 1 all about php, css, js, html etc..

    P.S : I’m not a coder but no fear, I’m here to learn after all

    Open Source software forum does not mean Coding School for Beginners . Not because of lack of disposition, but from lack of time. It is impossible to achieve no matter how hard anyone here tries. If you don't have any coding experience or personal autodidactic knowledge of coding, any coding, we can't help you until you do. That is all I meant to say because it's true. This is no place for modesty about what you know or not know when you ask a question or want to create a specific plugin, because we don't know if you are a beginner or just pretending to be one when you say you are not a coder.

    If you can create a simple html page and know how to work with CSS , then you are a coder. You might say you are not a great coder but can understand frameworks and logic within software and are willing to learn more.

    Many people come here not knowing anything and before they have had a chance to understand what the software can do, start asking for modifications. Sometimes someone here might become inspired and create a plugin or a theme for these users, and sometimes there is no time or money and no one wants to pay for coding work that takes hours or days... to those people I recommend hiring a professional coder to do the work for them or utilize the Paid Vanilla.
    We are Vanilla Users and volunteers, not paid staff.

    To be honest, I was a bit astonished by vrijvlinder’s answer. This kind of reply could discourage any newcomer

    :( When I first joined here almost 5 years ago, I was treated the same way maybe even worse by some people. But they were right that there is a learning curve and they could not teach me what I should have already known on my own, and it forced me to persevere to instruct myself how to work with this software and learn to ask constructive questions to help myself, many times my questions went unanswered, I had to research it all myself until one day I spoke Vanilla and it made sense. Eventually I was able to create plugins and themes for people, I am still learning. Since then I have logged thousands of volunteer hours helping people here with their forums... as best as I can.
    Some people are grateful others are not. I don't mean to discourage anyone.

  • Re: Pockets Panel Position Index

    No @R_J he does not want to add modules or anything to the document head, he is referring to the asset #Head .

    You can't add it between the #Head and the #Content because that would be the #Body and as far as I know the #Body is not an asset it's a container.

    What I have done to add something there, I used jQuery to append to the #Head
    or use prepend to go before.

    If you target #Body , it will show before the #Head I believe, it was a while ago that I dealt with that.

  • Re: Pockets Panel Position Index

    It would be great to have settings where one can add the modules to the array via the dashboard.

  • Re: How do I use one theme for all devices instead of using a separate mobile theme?

    That is because you need to set the mobile theme in the config.php not in the dashboard...please read the documentation if you don't understand how to do something or search the forum because this is a common question that has come up before.

    $Configuration['Garden']['MobileTheme']= 'nameofthethemeyouwant';