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Music Editing apps

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I'm no professional so whatever i use needs to be pretty simple and all i need to do is be able to merge 2 mp3's at a time (cut at various places) into each other. Basically i just need to build a medley of songs but without it sounding too shit and without too much hard work. Any apps you guys would suggest? Preferably free or warez'able.


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    i use cool edit pro. it has a lot more advanced features than what you are after but is very good.
  • Price: 299 $ to buy

  • lechlech Chicagoland
  • I second audacity as a free app.
  • lechlech Chicagoland
    It's good stuff, however I would like to find more apps like it in terms of composing and mixing up clips and such like acid/garageband which would make things more fun.
  • 3stripe3stripe ✭✭
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    i reckon you could do this in Flash fairly easily if you were that way inclined.... can't think of any free progs but both of these should have trials: DJ style mixing/beatmatching/fading of mp3s/wavs Probably over qualified for the job you describe but one of the best for live mixing/mashups And yeah Acid is good for mashing up tracks as well
  • Ableton is so damn good. Version 5 is nigh on perfect for me.
  • I like Reason, but its not for editing.
  • Yeah big up the Reason Krak! do you write your own tracks in it?
  • I try, lol.
  • I also love Reason. 3 is a great upgrade. Still have to record the output in Cool Edit rather than outputting directly.
  • ableton certainly seems very impressive to the untrained eye. It would take me years to get my head round properly but its certainly fun to play with. Shame the demo version doesnt let me save an output? Anyone know a way round this?
  • gingenger, why do you have to record in Cool Edit?
  • 3stripe: I found the quality of the output in Reason still isn't a good enough quality for me. I listen to it in Reason and it sounds fine. Export it and listen and it's just lost a lot of the touches. It's a lot better than it was in 2/2.5 but still not perfect for me. My music isn't great but I'd like to know I was giving it the best chance :D
  • Oh you guys must look up to me so much, but what can I say .. I use Adobe Audition (former Cool Edit 2000) for recording and mastering my samples and Propellerhead Reason 3 for making up the masters and recording my organ/electric piano trancks.
  • lechlech Chicagoland
    Yeah, unfortunatly, not many apps are offered up a good free solution :/
  • Anyone know how to add new codecs to ableton? I'd like to be able to play with flac's with it. Seems a little silly converting them all to mp3 first?
  • lechlech Chicagoland
    ehh, mini, you never want to transcode like that. If you're aiming for compression, just go straight from the source down to the compressed file, never from the source > one format > final format. That's just wrong :D
  • I thought that ableton could read Flacs... I'll have to test that tonight.
  • well i'd assumed that i'd be able to edit them as flacs and then export them straight to cd at the end? Wouldnt that be the cleanest way of doing it? It's not like i'm gonna convert them to wma and then back to mp3 or anything...?
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