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Music Editing apps



  • lechlech Chicagoland
    ahh, right, nevermind then.
  • So i've got all the songs i need to mix into live and i've selected the bits that i need with start and finish anchors. What i'm having a little trouble with is actually getting it to play through them in series and preferably let me merge them together a little. It's probably staring me in the face but i cant see it...
  • Have you gone to the arrangement view?

    I'm no authority on it so I can't really help.
  • i went to it but i couldnt seem to achieve much. It looks likei should be able to set it up there but actually doing it is a different matter.
  • The main thing I've usd it for right now is as a rewire for Reason so I can use some fun audio effects on my tracks.

    I've also done some mixing on it. That just consisted of loading the tracks in as I went with record and then exporting out afterwards :)
  • what kind of soundcards are you guys using? Me, Audigy2 and some 6.1 speakers ASIO rocks when using Reason (or any other music app for that matter).
  • I did buy an M-Audio Audiophile card ubt the bastard thing wouldn't install. My XP was a corrupted install it turns out and since moving house I haven't unearthed the box with it in :(

    So I'm using on board audio right now.

  • ahhhh! you said the "o" word.
  • I would be using onboard if i could find drivers that worked with anything. As it is i believe i'm using a fantastic c-media 6.1 thing. But i dont really care - i'm editing files i already have not recording anything myself. And i only have 2 speakers to run anyway :(
  • lechlech Chicagoland
    The onboard sound of this motherboard is probably not much different than your audigy :) it's got 5.1 and all that jazz :D
  • bahahahah...thats funny lech...far from the same, I seriously doubt it. Not that I am claiming the Audigy2 as supreme ruler or anything.

    But anything onboard, sucks, and in my experience, causes system crashes. Sure it may have 5.1, but its still the $5 sound card you can buy at And ehem, mines 6.1 ;)

    Does it have THX/Dolby Digital decoding? EAX? Does it support ASIO drivers? Does it have 108db S/N? 16-24bit? Multiple sampling rates (8-92)? SPDIF in/outputs? Firewire? lol, gold plated?

    Didnt think so. Might be good for Joe Schmo, but not for me. Hear the two, you can tell the difference. And I can see the difference as well (in system performance).

    Speakers also make a big impact.

  • lechlech Chicagoland
    EAX / SPDIF and Dolby, all the basics but nothing too crazy, there's only so much that can go into onboard.
  • humm... nobody mentioned soundforge? google it up, it's *the* wave editor :)
  • edited October 2005

    I use Audacity to record and cut my own stuff.

    GoldWave is also an excellent digital audio editor.

  • Right...Now here's your reward. Some comedy for you all. Check out for me and tell me which bits really need improving (if you can give any suggestions how that'd be appreciated - i've been digging around for a while but thats about the best i can get). Cheers.
  • That's actually quite a nice mix mate. You're definitely working on the right wavelength as it were. I recommend you start playing around with mixing it together more instead of jump cutting the mixes as you currently. Admittedly, that worked for some of them but it's always nicer to hear stuff mixed together all together :)

    I love Queen too! Fantastic choice of tracks :D

    Here's a mix I edited tonight from a longer one. I just chopped out a load of files and pressed record and went for it. Admittedly, I knew these tunes were already beatmatched :P

    Hopefully it'll give you an idea of what I'm referring to.

    mp3 action
  • Any of you Reason users got any tracks?
  • There's some unfinished ones on my site.

  • heh giginger - the music itself is for a dance my friend is choreographing(?) for a charity production next week - but i do like queen. Have you seen the we will rock you show in london? Fucking awesome. And yeah, i'm just having another play with a bit of advice from a dj - obviously the way he does things is slightly different to how i can but its improving in areas. I couldnt work out how to actually mix the music properly which explains why theyre all jump cut.... Any hints?
  • We Will Rock You is superb. I'm hoping to see it again soon.

    As for playing more than one track at a time.
    When you've loaded an audio file in. Ctrl-T to create another audio track. You can play more than one at a time that way. If they're all in the same column then when you hit play on the next one the previous one will stop.

    Does that make sense?
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