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Flock Beta

3stripe3stripe ✭✭
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Anyone else tried this?!

Just got my mits on the preview download... looks promising... anything that lets me work with a blog AND AND flickr at the same time could be amazing...


  • No. I would like (wink wink). Whisper me if you would CARE to let me 'test' it also. At least some screenshots.
  • 3stripe3stripe ✭✭
    edited October 2005
    Screenshots at Once hooked up to delicious, you can search bookmarks using the usual google search box in the top right, at the same time as searching your history... sweet
  • I dont understand the and flickr fad. is just a bunch of social bookmarks, and will most likely turn to spam evenually. flickr is just a "photo blog". You upload pictures, people can comment on them, and most of the time people use it WITH their blog. So its like, they are blogging about the same thing twice on two different sites. When I find a site I like or need, I bookmark it. When I have a pic I want to share I dump it in a folder on my site, or toss it in my blog. I dont get it.
  • i think the major benefit of flikr is (correct me if i'm wrong) it provides a much wider viewing audience for your photos (if you want that) and, more importantly, it provides free photo hosting with commenting/sharing etc capabilities for those who dont already have hosting solutions. Which kicks people like me in the nuts but at the same time it is a bright idea and a useful service.
  • main reason i like delicious is i can use it at home and at work without worrying about losing any bookmarks.
  • flickr is great. I can email pictures direct to flickr and have them appear on my site, I can build a category and tag based collection of photos which are stored in a lace backed up and much more secure than my own system. Also, you can become part of any number of groups that interest you, for example I am in a group for photos of the town where I live, another of where I come from. It's more like an ongoing commentary of the world in general than a photo sharing site. Where did I keep up with events when the London Bombs went off? flickr, the sheer number of users, and way the images are organised makes it perfect for this type of thing too.
  • Part of the attraction with Flickr is that it's just so well done, other sites do photohosting but Flickr is something else. You've got the community thing going on but there are so many useful details, it's also a real ego boost when people who you don't know mark your photos as favourites.

    People are much more likely to stumble across your photos with the various streams of photos, the ability to tag photos and the 'interestingness' feature. You get communities forming round keywords and thats the real kick, it's fun because it's a bunch of people who want to look at your photos and you want to look at theirs. Check out their explore page, but you'll only appreciate the attention to detail if you get an account and start using it, I started using it properly about a month ago and it's kickstarted me back into want to take photos, which is great :).
  • 3stripe3stripe ✭✭
    edited October 2005
    dude, give this a shot: [ EDIT : LINK REMOVED] let me know when i can delete it!
  • edited October 2005
    I am at school, so there is NO chance that I can download it now. I'll get is as soon as I get home, and then I will let you know the moment I have it. Thanks heaps for this. I am not sure why I did not get an email also? I have been on the list for some time. I had no idea that Chris Messina was working on Flock. (I think he left CivicSpace, and this COULD explain that. I could have the wrong person though.)
  • I've heard that a lot of people aren't too impressive with Flock. It is essentially Firefox with a few extensions - certainly a new browser isn't needed to put in these features.
  • yeah its nothing special. i was expecting a lot more from it.
  • lechlech Chicagoland
    If it's just a hacked up version of FF, what's the point really?
  • 3stripe3stripe ✭✭
    edited October 2005
    I guess it's meant to be a swiss army knife thingy for aghrhem, Web 2.0, or some such nonsense. Main problem is that no existing FF plugins will work with it.... heavy man PS. Are there some whisper bugs still on here... can't seem to change my post above to a whisper?
  • (yeah that is a bug, 3stripe)
  • 3stripe: I have it. Thanks for hosting it. You can get rid of it now (if you wish). It really is just firefox. I am certain of this. When I first saw it, it looked nice. Wasn't too worried about similarites with other browsers as they all pretty much look the same. Bt I have Font issues with FireFox, but no other browser. This issue is ALSO present in Flock. Anyway, I like the interface, I like the slightly new features, but I don't think it will replace Camino or Safari on my comp.
  • 3stripe3stripe ✭✭
    edited October 2005
    It looks nice. One set of users I think could really find Flock useful... not power users... but your average Joe. For instance, if I set up some of the other staff here at my work with Flock on their Macs, and linked it to our Blog and new Flickr and Delicious accounts, everyone could have the chance to blog away, and share [work-related!] favourites. At the moment Wordpress and Delicious in particular are probably quite hard to get your head round for a lot of people - with Flock it's all there in the same friendly UI
  • NickENickE New
    edited October 2005
    I'm sticking with Firefox. Flock, like lech said, is merely another front-end for Gecko engine, and as I'm not that big into this whole 'Web 2.0' thing either, I see no reason to use a browser which, for me, would differ only in its UI.
  • lechlech Chicagoland
    I'm not totally tearing it apart, it's nice that they're using the gecko engine as a base, but it just looks like a FF 1.5 hack quick and simple (well, probably not simple). However, I don't see anything here that wont already be available in FF 1.5. They're even fronting existing FF extensions like they're some kind of special product only for flock, that's a bit goofy if you ask me.
  • I can't see why there's a big deal about this. I really was expecting something different. Man, hype was just craszy for this. It looks nice and all but I'd rather, as people have said already, seen this as a theme + extension set.
  • So there's a post to Wordpress plugin for FF already? Where from?
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